Zac Efron VS Dwayne Johnson in the Big Boys Competition | Baywatch | CLIP -

Zac Efron VS Dwayne Johnson in the Big Boys Competition | Baywatch | CLIP

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Zac Efron’s body is just rude at this point, but can he win the big boy competition against The Rock?
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  1. I love how everyone is on the same page here that Dwayne couldn't do the first course

  2. Me being a rock fan , still know rock cant do the first course,he has strength but that much endurance no man no.
    The second course really suited for a muscular guy, rock ez win there.

  3. I can’t believe I just saw the she-hulk dude here

  4. I can’t believe that this dude really just starting driving recklessly on a motorcycle, risking crashing and destroying bridges and killing multiple people just to save some woman

  5. You know, I had a woman tell me zac efron has a dad bod once

  6. I love watching 2 roided out dudes going HAM on a playground

  7. The rock the meme the character of jumanji

  8. Can’t believe JJs song actually got into bay watch 😂😊

  9. Did anyone notice that KSI‘s song was used in the final movie!!!!

  10. Dwayne raw strength against a light weight is not too hard, but to run speed or flexibility where are you already?

  11. So before Matt went to save the people , he decided I SHOULD PUT MY SHIRT ON…🤣🤣

  12. The Rock is Awesome i love The Rock💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

  13. Bruh who just runs over to the motor cycles and puts his shirt on before trying to save someone????????????????????????

  14. Oh wow I thought the rock would lose a competition 100% devoted to his muscle mass and I doubt he can do a 100 pull ups with all that muscle the rocks just lame in general

  15. that was so unrealistic i swear. the rock could not beat zac in pull ups and DEFINITLY couldnt do the first one strength goes to zac and so does speed. cry

  16. I do ninga and i would like to say this, from the salmon ladder to the monkey bar, what kind of swing generation was that?!

  17. 0:23, whos the girl on the very right, redhead in lifeguard suit? She was not in the movie!

  18. I was like wtf…. so scary when people are drowning 😱

  19. Good thing they cancelled this farce before they found out the 'The Rock' is and has always been a fake and a cheater.

  20. We are not meant to be that big… our muscles are designed to be used for endurance, not pure strength. I love Dwayne but this, he would be owned immediately. Our muscles are meant to be for enduring a long ass trek, not for pure explosive strength, even if some can push beyond and accomplish great feats. Zac's character should have been able to shit all over The Rock here, he is smaller and more in-line with the proper human physique.

  21. Lol apparently the Rock can do 100 strict pull ups 🙂

  22. There's no way a giant gorilla man can do more pull ups than a smaller man…lol

  23. Dwayne Johnson is the best actor on this movie he is Dwayne the rock Johnson Zac efron he is nothing the rock wins the big boys competition on tv that’s my boy Dwayne Johnson

  24. Both Dwayne and Zac are our idols here at WZF!

  25. Almost kills like 50 people riding a motorcycle at high speed on a boardwalk to save 3 people

  26. Dude I have a 4 pack you have a 8 pack that is impressive

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