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Why Pore Strips Can Be Bad 🤔

Zack D. Films
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  1. I am enough taking care for this body, imma out😅

  2. umm, thats why we have a toothbrush😅😅


  4. So then, respectfully, wtf am I supposed to do?

  5. I just use Charcoal soap and it works wonders for me

  6. then what should we do when you say the problem give us the soulution too

  7. Mmm maybe moisturizer? Maybe a protective cover?

  8. Soo how im supossed to not have blackheads?? Any suggestion?

  9. They made it so you keep buying more
    Capitalism ❤

  10. Use an exfoliating face wash and then use a moisturizer with very little oil in it

  11. Another video, Another nightmare,
    :Night terror unlocked

  12. And this is why you use lotion so your skin doesnt produce more oils

  13. They're not even blackheads… it's called sebaceous filaments

  14. I just put olive oil on afterwards. Ez fix

  15. Pore strip: rips off blackheads just to make more form
    Nose: you have become the very thing you swore to destroy!

  16. just some soap and warm water honestly, just have to remove the top of the pores.

  17. Been using the same towel I use to wipe my giblets and my skin is still smoother then fools that go above and beyond with shit like this 😂😂😂😂

  18. most of these aren't technically blackheads either! they're called sebaceous filaments and they're oils and dead skin surrounding hair follicles. they're there to keep your skin protected, technically.

  19. Use pyrithione medicated soap bar. You’re welcome.

  20. More strips means more blackheads which means more strips, you get what you want for a time but they get what they want all the time, make sense?

  21. I heard that you can use the oil in your nose as chapstick??
    Fact check pls

  22. That’s the whole reason why they make them so you’ll keep buying them there ain’t no other signs behind it

  23. so use a strip and then put more oil on ur nose

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