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Why I Left The Boys in the Asylum

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I Will Never Go Back To The Asylum!



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  1. idk why yall were surprised when he bounced. hes mexican ffs they dont play with that shit

  2. I’m ac kid and when I went to camp I was like on the bus I want something haunted to happen

  3. You were right not to look into the doors I thought mully saw the lady who brought you there too thought maybe she stayed around. but I went back and you can actually see a full bodied being in complete black no face or textures just pure dark figure and it definitely had legs and looks like more of a women than a man that short moment. It made me wonder if it followed you guys around since juicy saw a women too.

  4. I think the reson that james called josh back he felt comfortable around him but that is just what I think

  5. At 21:34 you could see Eddie shut his eyes after asking for James's favorite food. Just to know that he was afraid of asking a child for his favorite food kind of broke me right there. I don't know if he was actually afraid of asking or if he has something in his eyes or another reason, but I'm going with the afriad reason.

    The part where he gets touched or patted on the back of his head. He said that it said it felt like a motherly touch. Just a gentle pat. No grabbing, no violence, no harm. He also said he didn't feel threatened. Maybe the thing, ghost, person, I don't know was the caretaker. Maybe the caretaker was trying to comfort Eddie because the caretaker could feel or see his fear.

    I also think the part where James called for Josh was wholesome. It pretty much shows that James had become attached to Josh in a matter of seconds. Plus, the first name he said was "Josh". Maybe James didn't want Josh to go to the men's ward because of what happened in there. James probably didn't want Josh to share the same fate as him. Maybe that's a reason the door was locked when they tried to leave.

  6. Are we just not going to mention the shadow figure that Mully encountered during their game? That literally made me rethink whether or not I wanted to actually sleep that night.

  7. bro eddie if there are problems with you your fans got your back

  8. Nothing else really happened in that spot? DUDE WHAT ABOUT THE WOMAN IN THE ROOM!!! 4:40 in the original video. That part got me so bad

  9. my country this happened in I hope if they are there they can rest eventually

  10. What about the figure that was in the room on the floor they were all on when Mully was walking back to them from when he ran upstairs, was that the guide?

  11. Eddie when vr horror: “😊”
    Eddie when irl horror: “😰😰😰”

  12. Smoke detectors run on batteries bud. You would've heard them chirping because of low battery power.

  13. My god I remember Eddie said he would really run away if he got chased by a ghost 😂

  14. Eddie you shouldn't be ashamed. You did what you believe was best and that's good

  15. In my Indigenous culture, when you drink your spirit is gone for like 3 days or a few more. You went to a sketchy ass place and your spirit was like "hell no".

  16. I wanna give props to allana because she stays though all the videos

  17. Is it just me or do I think that Eddie's a medium?

  18. Hey Eddy i think your a mid a person who has a connection with spirits and can some what sense them and see/hear them

  19. what eddie says about feeling the energy in a room, with a more indept name to is called HSP, its not a disorder its a personality trait i personnally have it, HSP stants for Hyper Sensitive Person, It doesnt really affect your day to day life, but once you come into situations like this with intense emotions and feelings and energy. you will be triggerd by alot. people with HSP have been tested to expienrce maybe more than 5 times the energy around you.

  20. Wondering y Eddie never talk bout the ladie caught on the video after mully came downstairs 💀
    Edit: 4:43 in the Haunted Asylum Vid is where the shadow is when mully scream and aim the camera in the room.

  21. Nah you forgot it when mully was walking back from the hallway if you slow it down the a black figure in the video fr

  22. Honestly when Eddie said there was a face right by the window I had to stop watching because the thing about me is that I get bad ghost nightmares and sometimes I wake up crying because it was terrifying

  23. Eddie when you guys were sitting down at the church on the left top window there were eyes that went up and down again

  24. This video explains my love for horror. It's fine if I watch it its sometimes fine if I play it but when it's real I just can't. Like once there was a horror series I was watching in the basement with a friend and I was to scared to be alone because it really freaked me out. I may be the horror king in the friend group but there's no way I'm actually going to a haunted place where so many people died. I do believe in ghosts because of my own experiences I don't mind ghost stories but to any of my friends thinking that I'm brave enough to do any of this, I'm really not.

  25. Ur personality type must be enfj…
    If others energy affect you so much…

  26. when that white door shut and the light got turned on there something popped up

  27. Did no one see the eyes in the chapel scene

  28. At 22:36 I saw a face without eyes and a ripped up mouth like it was ripped apart

  29. I am pretty new so i am not sure who is who but, was it Mully that did the stair run first? When he was running back to the others when he cam back down he got scared by a "woman" in one of the rooms and everyone questioned it. You could even see a figure in that room. Why did you not mention that? You all questioned it when he said he saw a woman in one of the rooms. What was that?

  30. Eddie… ghosts, spirits, and demons Thay do exist but there is a way to detect writher or not if it's a ghost or demon's these things can't just touch you Eddie even though there stuck in a time laps. the only way to break the time laps is to find the possessed object and to get it out of your house. Eddie is it true that the door to your office keeps closing the door is there any odor that maybe around when the door close's also DO NOT. I REPEAT DO NOT DISTROY THE OBJECT THAT MAY BE HOLDING A DEMON BECAUSE IF YOU DO IT WILL LEAVE IT'S VESSUL AND HAUNT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU. now i will tell you the first stages of possession. 1. manifestation. now that's the whispering and doors opening and closing. 2. oppression. now that's when it is when it tries to drain you of your mentally, physically, and even emotional energy. now the 3. full possession.

  31. That smoky figure in the picture at that church it looked like it was praying and when the lightbulb was going on it sounded like Morse code. WE NEED SOMEONE TO SOLVE THE MORSE CODE DO WE KNOW WHAT THEY WERE SAYING!

  32. Well because of that your just making your soul weak you must show your strength so, that the demon or ghost will avoid you because you have strong spirit they will test you all the way so that they will know if they can trust you(good spirit)

  33. For everybody who didn’t know. Eddie, was the clown in the clown motel video towards the end

  34. @Ape eldridge it was not me trying to sound rude or sarcastic it's just that these things do exist and i was just trying to tell Eddie that when he had to leave from there, he was on the verge of being possessed and i was just explaining that i wanted to make sure that it didn't fallow him back from Australia, sorry if someone is mad with me😢

  35. We have powers We just don't know it And Our power is We Can Feel

  36. Leave Eddie alone he had a bad experience

  37. eddie is a Litteral medium couse if he can feel paranormal energys and even can tell emotion and touch have happend in the rooms that's a sighn of a medium

  38. no photo's and video's in the small view photo area of the iPhone is extremely common and all you have to do is click on the top right where is says view all photo's to see the photo's. it occasionally happens when a user takes photo's and attempts to view them before they have gotten the chance to render in a full screen's resolution

  39. It takes a true man to admit there a bitch

  40. 13:15 If you take a picture in the camera app it will show but it won’t if you take one in the lock screen Eddie.

  41. Bro I am so energy sensitive I once predicted the future in a dice game around 27 times straight based on “vibes”

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