White Sox vs. Braves Game Highlights (7/15/23) | MLB Highlights - playknightdefender.com

White Sox vs. Braves Game Highlights (7/15/23) | MLB Highlights

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White Sox vs. Braves full game highlights from 7/15/23

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  1. Absolutely atrocious performance in general by the offense, defense, pitching. Embarrassing Loss. Can’t allow that to happen. As consistent/good as they have been, this is at least somewhat concerning.

  2. Oh cam the Braves trade for Ole Adam Duvall to play left

  3. The white Sox were due.. there’s nothing special going on in the south side..

  4. Game 91: That was a bit of a rough outing by Strider and some defensive miscues in the outfield. Acuna had himself a night with 2 home runs, a stolen base and 3 RBI and adds to his case for NL MVP. We had a few opportunities in the later innings but unfortunately we couldn't capitalize. Let's go for the series win tomorrow with Kolby Allard on the mound

  5. Braves charity helped Sox. Way to capitalize Sox. Good game!

  6. White Sox closer fist pumping at the end like they won the world series..They're 39- 55😅😅…not much to celebrate there buddy.

  7. The Braves would have won that game but Rosario’s two errors gave up three runs. He is not himself and should be benched for a minute.

  8. Rosario could average 2 errors a game for the rest of the season and I will still be a fan of his for how he helped us win a championship in 2021. We love you, Eddie.

  9. I have no idea what Rosario was thinking on either one of those balls. He had no chance of catching either one, and ending up costing us 2 extra runs which lost us the game.

  10. we need to switch back to the lower case a. tired of people saying "i didnt know you were an Alabama fan."

  11. Andrew Benintendi and the Chicago White Sox wins the second ballgame over Eddie Rosario and the Atlanta Braves ⚾⚫⚪🧦

  12. Acuna Jr got me a Topps home run parallel card lol. Wow. Of all the games, I picked a random home game. All that for a $15 card 🙂

  13. Well we lost but we got to see Acuna in top form. Hopefully Rosario can get his head straight. He's made some good defensive plays recently but you can't let the ball get past you twice in a game.

  14. We all make mistakes Rosario just redeem yourself today. Go braves

  15. eddie’s performance wasn’t the best last night. ik he got pulled bc of how he was playing but if not hope he’s ok

  16. If his bat didnt break we would’ve won i feel like

  17. The Braves should focus on upgrading at the LF position more than anything.

  18. Sox actually won a game against Atlanta. I’m surprised. About time Lynn got a win.

  19. What is the current record for consecutive games with a homer, 31? I know the Yankees hold it

  20. Spencer was good with the slider, had the batters swinging at air mostly. The two errors in the outfield surely cost us and the offense couldn't take advantage of ducks on the pond in a few innings as well. Win today and win another series. Go Braves.

  21. Holy sht,the numbers Acuna is putting up is fckin ridiculous

  22. I wonder what the line was for this game. Big win WhiteSox!!🖤🤍

  23. I just feel like Rosario needs more practice out in left. His approach to the ball looks very timid and not safe. Even if he charges for the ball he can't be afraid of the hop. He needs to get his body in front or just let the ball drop and come to him to avoid giving up runs. He can dive for balls closer to mid field because harris can back him up, but the others just need to be fielded considering how far back they have him.

  24. Don't be hard on Rosario he's one heck of a player hitting and fielding . Your not gonna catch em all !

  25. WeLL PLayed Men…. Great Game 9-0 & This Fight Against The Best Team Of MLB 2023 ….. Two & A Half Months & 68 More Games To PlaY …… 81 81 5.00 In 2022 39 55 94 Played So Far 68 To Go 46-47 Twins To Chase To Clinch The Top More Games We Get More Games They Get Too …… Keep FightinG Well Done.

  26. Lance Lynn + Burger 💣 = a White Sox Win!

  27. Very much not a good catch at 6:02. He brought the glove and all…

  28. What a terrific ballgame. A throwback: all Ks and HRs.

  29. Eddie Rosario somehow gives up the first 4 runs of the game on 2 of the worst errors you can ever have as a left fielder and another ball that anyone in baseball would have gotten to. My fastpitch softball daughter easily makes all 3 of those plays.

  30. That was a good game they were going back and forth the entire time.

  31. This is so funny! Chicago pretends to have a crime problem and only 500 people watch. Then baseball gets 70,000 views. Its also sad that none of these fools have any clue as to what I am saying.


  33. White Sox have a decade max before they move

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