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What Would Happen If 10 Boys Were Left To Live Together? | Child Psychology | Absolute Documentaries

Absolute Documentaries
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Absolute Documentaries brings you this unique documentary about 10 boys who just met and are left alone to live together in a house for 5 days. The house and garden were stocked with food, toys, and everything they needed. The camera crew followed their every move to monitor their behavior without speaking to them unless it was an emergency. The boys were free to leave the house at any point and were allowed to speak to their parents and a physiatrist which they all met prior to this experiment.

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  1. I think this question was addressed in Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

  2. Is there a follow up doc on the families and the boys and the owners of the house?

  3. Good to show this video these same boys in 10 years from the date this was taped.

  4. the food provided was bordering on assault. unbelievable!

  5. Geez they trashed the joint-zoo animals are way more tidy… I feel bad for the hedgehog 😢 British folks depress me 😢

  6. this somewhat brings to mind "Lord of the Flies."

  7. Why dont you read the book called Lord of the Flies ?

  8. I am in the small group hahah but this is common. regardless genders, they're always the loud and bullies, and presevere, focused types of people

  9. thats why we need to train our girls AND BOYS especially on HOUSEKEEPING. PERIODT.

  10. Parent to child..”you did really, really well” odd praise indeed, or was she just relieved her son was still alive?

  11. Peak entertainment. These lads can be hilarious. "Ya got dandruff" 😂

  12. You never tead The Lord of the Flies???

  13. these kids are lack of discipline. they need parental guidance.

  14. Greetings from ' The lord of the flyies'. Teen boys stranded on a remote island, the 'democratically' elected leader Jack, almost got asasinated by the opposition.

  15. The urge to paint walls must really be primal😭

  16. Another couple of weeks and it would have been “Lord of the Flies”.

  17. This is how the lost boys in the movie “Hook” lived

  18. Dont understand why you have to show this…to inspire?…WHY ?

  19. Lord of the flies.. it would eventually descend into violence and killing. Children have an undeveloped conscience and require adults to set boundaries.

  20. Wonder if they are showing off for the camera guys at all…

  21. Hunt the hedgehog 🦔 oh great serial killer training 😠. I think this experience is going to have a long lasting negative affect.

  22. My 10 year old daughter is perfectly happy living in her own filth. We tried the experiment of letting her govern the condition of her own bedroom and instead of cleaning it up when it bothered her she just moved on to the living room and refused to spend time in her own room. We had to go in and clean it for her to go back in.

  23. Does anyone know what year this was filmed?

  24. I’ll never understand how destroying things is fun! Hopefully these boys got that nonsense out of their systems.

  25. 'This shows the fallen nature of all man kind!! The Bible is true!!!

  26. This highlights why I spanked my sons when they were growing up.

  27. They were mostly horrible little sh*ts. If I was there parent I would be thoroughly ashamed. William Golding had it about right with Lord of the Flies.

  28. This reminds me of how adults are handling climate change.

  29. “Have kids, they’re great and super fulfilling”.

  30. Why are the parents so dang shocked?! And I'm shocked that they are shocked! 😲
    This is exactly why you should never ever leave children alone anywhere! 😂

  31. Adults do the exact same thing when they move out of their parents' house. They do everything their parents told them not to do to find themselves. Then they clean up their mess and build structure to survive.

  32. They will turn into a primitive tribe. The stupidest person will become the leader, because stupid people are characterized by inflated self-confidence, with which they suppress others. They will develop their own system of superstitions. They will start looking for another tribe, because “if we had not attacked, they would have attacked.” It's been like this for a million years.

  33. This needs to be done with hidden CCTV. Kids act differently if there’s a grown up standing there no matter if they’re not supposed to interact or not. “Only intervene if safety is concerned”? Isn’t that when the serious decisions and consequences are most important?

  34. They're lucky there were no bullies or sociopaths in the group,

  35. What if they were american do you think they would act the same,or take charge

  36. I wonder what would happen if they were american would they do the same thing or,work together especially coming from a 13 year old american boy

  37. No doubt I was not the only one thinking about "Lord of the Flies" while watching this documentary. It's an incredible and all too real picture at how kids without adult supervision interact together, with both the pros and cons that come with it. I identified greatly with Sim being a quiet introvert myself. George and Michael certainly were the most admirable of the whole lot. Truly paints a honest image of what happens when responsibility meets frivolousness and kids irrepressible energies are unbridled.

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