We’re TWO GAMES way from deeming Lionel Messi the GOAT?! 🐐 🏆 | ESPN FC Extra Time - playknightdefender.com

We’re TWO GAMES way from deeming Lionel Messi the GOAT?! 🐐 🏆 | ESPN FC Extra Time

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Welcome in to the latest edition of ESPN FC Extra Time.0:00 Introductions
0:30 A Steve Nicol story!
2:40 Stevie get anything nice for his birthday?
4:00 Shaka Hislop time!
6:00 Morocco’s stellar play
6:50 Netherlands vs. Argentina excitement
7:45 Emi Martinez’s passion
8:30 Manuel Neuer’s injury
13:12 Morocco the best World Cup underdog story ever?
14:00 What video is that from Stevie?!
15:50 Romelu Lukaku talk
16:40 Best GK’s at the 2022 World Cup
17:25 Testing the Argentine’s and Lisandro Martinez
18:45 GOAT debate!
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  1. I'm not a bus doctor…. Shaka, you're awesome.

  2. With or without trophy, He is the one and only G.OA.T. PERIOD

  3. The best underdog in history is probably Uruguay they have a population of 3.5 million and won 2 cup and 2 gold olimpic medals and a bunch of copa americas etc..

  4. Messi is the GOAT. and he will not win the World Cup.

  5. Espn jinxing messi like they did with everyone else…..the alternative populist view is CR7 has a better record and stat than messi apart from the balloon d’or and that just subjective by the popular view such CR7 being more arrogant and Messi is likable….I think the TBE is Maradon bcus you cannot compare eras….for example R9 or Maradon playing in this era would have better stats than both CR7 and Messi??? You disagree shows all this talk is hyperbole.

  6. In your dreams 😂 ESPN 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Messi is going home tomorrow 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Messi reaching finals again to fail … I'll just say it now 😌

  8. He had his chance in 2014 and lost. Unless they are awarded a penalty I don't see them winning if they reach the final.

  9. Got a feeling fifa is trying to give the cup to Argentina and makes him the GOAT. Think about it, Which World Cup has so many surprises?

  10. What?who is better than messi? Not the man that got rushed home by Morocco like the would only make it non debate-able

  11. To be honest i only saw Messi play a few times. I saw him in a game for club and was impressed. I saw him at the world cup multiple times but felt underwhelmed. I personally think Maradona is better, don't force opinions on people.

  12. We're not 2 games away from Messi being the GOAT, he already is.

    I don't understand this obsession with the WC trophy… how does that make you "better" subjectively? Is Paul Pogba better than Messi? Was David Villa better than Messi?

    They both have a WC so they're both better than Messi by this ridiculous logic…

  13. Messi is confirmed already as the greatest footballer ever, but winning the world cup would mean there will never be a player to challenge him in the future

  14. U are here to certify the goat who is already the father of all goats

  15. Shaka "I'm not a Doctor of bus routes!" 🤣
    The chemistry between these guys is a joy to watch.

  16. “ I am not a doctor of bus routes” 😂😂

  17. Pelé won 3 and others won 2 , mbappe the only one can make history

  18. Maybe let 5 Portuguese refs, ref Argentines next game

  19. Shaka put that uniform so that he doesn’t got lost in the Qatar

  20. And who are you all lots to deem a player the GOAT or not 😂 everyone has their own GOATS depending on their ages and when they enjoyed watching football the most whether it’s pele,Maradona,Cr7,Messi or others….Your deeming won’t change their opinions
    How you all lots became pundits still baffles me at times 😂😂🤧 should be comedians 😂

  21. Stevie wasn’t a good enough manager to manage someone as good as Nuer that’s why he only managed in MLS

  22. Argentina will lose the semi. They will lose. Trust me. No GOAT winning the WC.

  23. I feel like FIFA and referees will make sure Messi wins this world cup.

  24. The world is just disputing concerning something already clear… Messi is the god of football and that is plain and clear

  25. Just stop brah. There is no debate. There was no debate. Messi is the one and only GOAT.

  26. Yes we are, but beating these teams is easier said than done.

  27. This theory is ridiculous. I’m a self proclaimed Messi hater. But how can you resume 15 years carrier yo 2 games?

  28. Give ronaldo that Argentina squad from 2010 and 2014 he would of won 2 world cups by now. Cause he is clutch not a cold chest 💯

  29. Pele have won 3 cups. as great as he was, he was not the greatest. its Maradona & by far. then you have many greats.

  30. Messi will never be Maradona, let alone Pele.

  31. Regardless of the media trying to tear him down.. I'm takin CR7 as the 🐐!!! Greatest goal scorer ever

  32. There's nothing Messi can do or win that will change the fact that he's the best there ever was in any sport no one has ever been so perfected at their respective craft.

  33. World Cup or no, Leo Messi is the goat. A big full stop.

  34. Bulgaria 94 was the greatest Underdog story

  35. So you are admitting that you are desparate to show Messi is GOAT. However Argentian won everything before him and he has been a hidrance for them for past 15 years!!!!!

  36. Messi can not win even if the whole FIFA is sold for him.

  37. You guys are going to "deem him the goat"? Who are you?

  38. With or without a WC, Messi's body of work — goals, assists, free-kicks, dribbles, etc. — will be unparalleled for years to come

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