We Got PRIME Boys, We got PRIME #PRIME #WeGotPrimeBoys #WeGotPrime #PRIMEBoys #PRIMESong #PRIMETrend - playknightdefender.com

We Got PRIME Boys, We got PRIME #PRIME #WeGotPrimeBoys #WeGotPrime #PRIMEBoys #PRIMESong #PRIMETrend

Young Money Clan
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We Got PRIME Boys, We got PRIME #PRIME #WeGotPrimeBoys #WeGotPrime #PRIMEBoys #PRIMESong #PRIMETrend

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  1. Yeah and it's horrible and made those influencers rich

  2. We are currently, hitting the griddy for Ukraine, Vladimir Put'n you better be scared. My Young Money Clan

  3. Everyone in the comments be like: trying to think of a sentence that fits with these emojis 🔥 🥶

  4. No we got prime girls we got prime girls ok girls we got ice pop

  5. I've tried prime and it's so overated it just tastes like water with loads of sweetners in

  6. Prime has too be the most overrated drink ever.

  7. First kid is gonna drink the energy drink and get a heart attack

  8. Ok that is so bad for you that its band in sevrel contres

  9. How many prime bottles have u got in ur collection(cans included) me 20

  10. In my opinion Gatorade is better than prime people who agree with me

  11. bro is drinking prime energy at 6 years old (the first one)

  12. I’m not allowed to have prime bc it’s not heathy. Honestly I heard some good things about prime, but I can only drink Gatorade.

  13. I love primesval whirl. My girl is great

  14. I cried when my aunt got me this I got the I pop flavor forever and I got blue raspberry I just think Logan Paul and KSI deserves to be graded cared because they made this drink for so many people😊

  15. Prime took over gaterade with some people..

  16. We got prime boys, we got prime, we got prime boys, we got prime

  17. We got prime boys, we got prime, we got prime boys, we got prime we got a blue raspberry. We got ice pop we got chocolate punch we got all the prime.

  18. The one that are in the cans have a lot of caffeine

  19. KSI and Logan Paul I love your prime they were really good they taste the ice pops 80s blues, well blue raspberry because it takes the pink. What’s the flavor gonna be called

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