WE AT THE EDEN CLUB TONIGHT BOYS!! ITS LIT | Detroit: Become Human (Part 6) - playknightdefender.com

WE AT THE EDEN CLUB TONIGHT BOYS!! ITS LIT | Detroit: Become Human (Part 6)

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OMGOSH THESE EPISODES ARE GETTING BETTER AND BETTER. We at the Eden Club tonight my brethren! Connor and Hank are on another case, meanwhile Markus is becoming KING OF JERICHO.

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  1. 2:02 cory: “that was the best chase in a vedio game ever”
    me: “bro forgot about subway surfers”

  2. No cap when Cory went grrrrraa I did it at the same time he did

  3. Watching Connor cheerfully lug a wasted Hank around is the funniest thing I've seen all week

  4. Why would there be a man dancing 😂😂😄😐😳😳😳

  5. On 42:28 Cory said this was his fav series but on ghost of Tsushima he said the same thing

  6. Cory: the z was a dead give away.

    Me: 😰

  7. cory where in the freak is your dog and where is momo! get them NOW plz and ty 🙂

  8. you say me hearties and then whale of a time =/

  9. yo at the begining the andriods eyes followed corys facecam down the screen (intro)

  10. All the girls be like why did you hit a girl but Conner keeps on beating them up 😅😂🤣

  11. Cory: GET ON THE WALL!
    Everyone: PAUSE!!!

  12. I am sorry I didn’t answer your phone call but you got a free call at the sun and then I went back to the office to pick it N up from my school so that was a free pass for the school and then you got nothing left to me and then I was like you said I will stop by your place to go get me food then you go get straight home with you then I will stop by your place to pick it N then I can go to chipotle for a bit and I will take a break from my friend if I need it I will give you a shout out when I am done with the meeting I will have my call back from you then you have a good day to come help you please please do not me I want you and your dad travels a lot .

  13. The fact he called ahem strippers dancing ahem research had me dead

  14. 37:28 you should shoot, But its good that the human died because he were harming the Android, Why this game created like this.. Bro Humans harm the androids and androids do nothing they are so stupid

  15. mad that he didnt take the android, he would've got them a truck full of parts

  16. markus is gonna become ra9 i’m calling it

  17. 8:31 cory always lookin on thw bright side I love it 😂😂😂

  18. The thing go scrakkkk papapapa ka skiidi ki papa and a booboborrr boom 💥

  19. Emily? the frick is Emily last I checked it was Amanda

  20. if u brought the construction android u wouldve been able to being a whole truck full of blue blood ect. to Jericho

  21. The ting goes sccccccrrrrrrraaaa papapappapapa scudecipppppapap budddddumdumdddddum 😂😂😂😂

  22. My question is why didn’t Kara stay in the car

  23. This part is sussy and Connor is good at fighting he’s pro.and this episode is epic and cool and when cottor was gonna taste the girls blue blood that was kinda funny.And the blue haired girl did self defense 😒. SKOOBIDO POW POW 😎😎😎

  24. The lieutenant was playing Russian roulette

  25. Man CoryxKenshin says why would you let her run away sucker your the 1 that wanna press o

  26. corey I love you but u make some bad decisions😂

  27. cory: we love you you so cute
    me: i know right

  28. I feel like Connor and Hank are an old married couple

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