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Waylon Jennings – Dukes Of Hazzard “Good Ol’ Boys” Theme Song

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Dukes Of Hazzard “Good Ol’ Boys” – Waylon Jennings


  1. Narrator: Just another day here in Hazzard county. Them Duke boys are at it again. Got Rosco on their tail again.

  2. u can take the flag off tv just try to take mine off my back or out my yard. amen southern folks

  3. Hee Haw! hun get it down, best theme song.

  4. I live in Wisconsin and I have the Agsact replica of the car

  5. Where can I get that amazing Southern Style logo? Class!

  6. My little brother love the General Lee and we are having a General Lee birthday party!

  7. Great singer. Bet Cash and Kristofferson gave him a different perspective. Never heard this at a hignwaymen concert! That said, he had a great voice.

  8. I'm from Michigan born & raised.God Bless the South.  Great people with a great heritage.If more of our country was like the South It would be a better place.

  9. people just don't get it…….its about heritage, not hatred!!

  10. Dukes of hazzard is cool
    With Waylon Jennings
    John Schneider tom wopat Cathy bash Denver ply bryion cherry chriif Jud
    No Luke daisy Jud coy cancelled Jesse dukes boss lulu Hogg scooter Rosco enos clites miss tisdale . they all cool. & very good

  11. Classic, oldies never die, if you like oldies come check out my channel, thanks!

  12. im your brother..  we can fix anything  Tower Air!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Snoop puppys kin don't like the old flag. Well' to hell with 'em!

  14. god bless the Confederate States of America

  15. this is kim cyprowski i loved the show i would be proud to support the conferate flag i love the south and the ppl the yankees are the one with the racist problem

  16. the Naacp can 💋 my ass I will fly whit flag I want and I do not see a problem with the Confederate States of America national flag the Yankees got lots of nerve the Yankees need to go bugger off and go up north where they belong leave the South alone

  17. My favorte song and TV show. Two thumbs up.

  18. It is bull shit that they just take it off air because the guy shot up the church the flag did not walk in the church and kill like nine people


  20. Every where I go I see a truck with a confederate flag. I give a thumbs up to them.

  21. i think the general lee is a racist car because it makes orange people feel funny

  22. i live in ohio but my mindset is country western

  23. Another great American show, all the best shows are from the USA

  24. every time I hear this song I drive about 20 mph faster

  25. I'm British and I loved this show as a kid.

  26. That old flag is real pretty, kinda like that lovely Nazi symbol. too bad such good design was used to symbolize stupid ideas.

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