Watch Boys - Plants vs Zombies Comic. (Comic by JosephLukareli00) -

Watch Boys – Plants vs Zombies Comic. (Comic by JosephLukareli00)

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Artist: JosephLukareli00


  1. I always think the sunflower how a girl

  2. Very fun fact:
    Peashooter is a girl
    Well half of there family is

    (Flame peashooter that one shadow pea and Threepeater i guess add the electric if you want to)

  3. More pvz-gumball reanimations must be done…

  4. who's gonna tell him that Sun Shroom is a boy.

  5. the English is so bad it's hilarious
    "come one peashooter"
    "you not watch boys"

  6. Anyone didnt noticed Sunflower is a girl not a boy

  7. Isn’t that a amazing world of gum all reference

  8. Mfs copied gumball and thought we wouldn't notice😂

  9. I thought that sun flower is a female

  10. Reminds me of the Amazing World of Gumball

  11. Ok, lets get some things straight
    1. I forgot who made this
    2. I didn't draw it
    3. I was bored
    4. This video was just a comic to upload
    5. Please don't get mad at me. This was the artist's Idea.

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