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Warrior cats girls vs boys

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  1. I read worior cats because I crave violence in books

  2. How do you call them warriors the real warriors are the ones who are fighting for our country

  3. lol with captions it says "keep it in check when you need that omellette"

  4. Oh… that’s how it is eh. Trust me the game is better than this cause you know what the game had a community sure the devs are very bad people BUT WE HAD SOMEONE SACRIFICE THERE CHANNEL TO SHOW THAT. DISRESPECT US AGAIN AND I WILL FIGHT YOU

  5. Why everyone glazing on the girls I mean stop dick riding

  6. Girls go for the silent kill
    Boys just start a war

  7. Her name is a warrior cats? how many extras is that?

  8. Picks the worst boy scenes
    Picks the most badass girl scenes

  9. I think a tie because theirs more cats but if were talked creators of clips and maps and stuff girls destroy boys

  10. Why are the girls seen so violent tho. 😭

  11. I'll put it this way, guys, kill yourself straight away, and girls, kill yourself smartly .😂😂

  12. I particularly enjoyed this one because in others, they portrayed Mapleshade as a helpless cat. They only showed her crying at Appleshine betraying her and losing her kits. In truth she is a freaking badass who killed (directly and indirectly) over 30 cats.

  13. Girls : tactics, fast, defensive, blocking, counter attacks, knows medication (healing leafs), resistance

    Boys : smart, use other things as weapons, attack based, dodging, strong claws, can get food, fast reaction,

  14. Maple shade really is a bad ass though! Gotta love her! 😭

  15. “Rick sanchez has entered the chat.”

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