VIDEO: 5 boys arrested for shooting gel pellet guns at Artesia park -

VIDEO: 5 boys arrested for shooting gel pellet guns at Artesia park

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VIDEO: 5 boys arrested for shooting gel pellet guns at Artesia park


  1. No way… Breaking a window and pranking girls? that doesnt be a reason only fair punishment is a scolding plus battery? they dont even hurt that much

  2. Gel pellets explode on impact, so they’re really doing no damage at all, no way they destroyed plastic

  3. Orbeez did not break the window or that outdoor light. Most likely had a C02 pistol they got rid of. Squishy ass water balls aint gonna do all that damage.

  4. Those gel blaster don’t go thru windows

  5. bro nerf guns are more dangerous than these how did they get in trouble

  6. These wouldn't be sold as a kid's toy if they broke windows. If they could, they would hurt people and they wouldn't sell them as a toy that can harm someone or something. However it will hurt if someone gets hit in the eye or something. Now as far as shooting them at the girls on a soccer team, they shouldn't have bothered them. It's mischief, nothing more than that. I can see the humor in it since I was a kid at one point but still. But other than that, the police took it way too far and if they can't put 2 and 2 together that orbees can't break windows, that's crazy. They made a mountain out of a molehill and should have handled it as that and just tell them to not shoot them at the girls and bother them as they were playing soccer. They should have told them to stop and call it a day. People get warnings for speeding, so yeah. However if the police would have told them to stop and they happened to find out they kept doing it bothering people unknowningly, then that's a different situation. They have bigger fish to fry. If my kid did that, I understand the humor of a kid, as a mom I would tell them not to go that again in this particular situation.

  7. I seriously doubt gel pellets are strong enough to break glass windows, let alone a flood light that’s made with super thick glass to protect it from the elements. 🙄

  8. why they shooting gel guns at innocent bystanders 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ and they knew much better especially the 16yr old

  9. My nigga it’s a gel blaster how tf are they gone break a window😂

  10. I hope the girls soccer team. Is. Doing well. And for 2 young boys their parents should. Show them pellet gun harm people. I would be 😡

  11. It's a Gel pellet gun. Not a fucking pellet gun. Calm down with them. Slap em on the wrist and let the parents handle the rest. I did plenty worse shit when I was their age. Including playing pretend war with pellet guns. Jesus man, you guys are reporting this like these kids are responsible for Russia attacking Ukraine.

  12. My ass they broke the windows with a Nerf Gel gun. Cant even break skin, let alone something as hard as glass

  13. Thank god we managed to get these criminals off the streets! Hopefully they get the little girl selling lemonade without a permit next

  14. Ummm me and the boys already got a lot of them and we’ve been going around shooting people are friends

  15. Sorry, but there's no way water pellets can bust a window.

  16. This is unacceptable you guys police can't arrested 5 kids just because they bring toy gun THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!


  17. Bruh I have one but you don’t just shot the window like that ha have you heard of the ad? Gel gun blaster you can shoot people if they say so stay safe guys who watching this

  18. i did this and got assult with a deadly weapon

  19. the gel pellet/orbeez break on contact it cant doestroy a window if u can break it in ur hand XD

  20. This is insane those guns shoot orbees 😭 it’s literally a fucking glorified water gun ain’t no way

  21. Absolute idiot parents should be ticketed.

  22. man thosw police shits and thr law is just going to destroy our childhood this is just bitch

  23. i don’t think they could have over reacted more😂 they so pussy

  24. There’s noway you can break a window with those guns I have some of those guns and they sometimes can’t even go through paper 💀

  25. I own gel blasters. Different kinds. None of them generate enough velocity to break glass (yes, even if you manage to successfully freeze the gellets). Just pure BS on the news. It's the safe way to war-game with your friends. Safer than air soft and paintballs. Jesus Christ.

  26. Moral of the story:it’s OK to have a gel blaster but please do not go out in public shooting people like these hooligans

  27. Nro aimt no way a gel blaster can break a window looks like a rock went through it

  28. I would aleast ask the cops to go play with them with my friends and do a little gel blaster fight

  29. they cant even do that what type of dum title is this you cant get arrested for toys lmaoo

  30. God The Police Are So Useless, If Only They Had The Same Energy To Go After Real Criminals Instead Of Always Taking The Path Of Least Resistance.

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