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Unforgiven: The Boys Who Killed A Child (Jamie Bulger Documentary) | Real Stories

Real Stories
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Unforgiven: The Boys Who Killed A Child (Jamie Bulger Documentary) | Real Stories

This powerful and disturbing documentary covers the outcry approaching the release of Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, the two 10 year old boys who killed 2 year-old James Bulger in 1993. Re-telling the tragedy, the film presents the protests against their release from an institution, delves into the backgrounds of the killers, their terrible violent act and the impact it caused in UK. It also explores claims that their punishment has been a sham, as reporter Deborah Davies investigates how inmates at secure units are treated and interviews experts to learn whether eight years has been sufficient time to successfully rehabilitate the pair.

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  1. It does not matter WHY they did it and it does not matter HOW they behave AFTER being arrested. They did it and should be euthanised. The deterrent for murder is all that matters. Total respect to James mum. Response to main article only.

  2. This story is horrible even if then are 10 do we want them around us but them away for life just saying how many other people will they kill just sick

  3. I was a bad kid too. Stolen some apples, even oranges when we went wild.
    But do not tell me slicing a 2 years old young boy in half is just forgettable.

  4. We in Aus heard that they may have been brought to Aus. These boys should never be released, held in custody until their eighteenth birthdays and then transferred to adult prison. Never to be released, you can't fix evil!

  5. after all these years, this story still makes my blood run cold

  6. I did some pretty crappy stuff when I was a little kid. Throwing stones at cars neighbors had in their drives etc. I was just your average arsehole kid. I fell in with a lot of peer pressure, but NOTHING would have convinced me to do something as evil as killing another person. Even at 8-10 years old, I knew that was wrong and wouldn't even have considered it. I believe in the concept of redemption, but they tortured him brutally. That's not a mistake made in the moment. That's willingness. It's not their parent's fault, or anyone around them. Some people are just sick. Do I believe that a person can redeem themselves from doing something like that? Yes. Do I believe those two blokes (They were about my age when they did it) can make up for it? I'm not so sure on that. Contrition would have gone some way. They've never shown any. I just feel terrible for their parents. I'm a lucky guy, I've never been anywhere near the level of bad behaviour they were exposed to, but the fact that they had no concept of how hideous what they were doing was leads me to think that these are a different kind of people. I understand people's reservations about it.

  7. These people who are just watching these boys dragging a bloodied baby boy are not humans..they are Zombies

  8. In Australia it is unlawful to talk about, discuss, transmit, publish disseminate or print any identifying information on child criminals it’s a breach of the children’s secrecy act and is 110% illegal & absolutely forbidden! The penalties are very harsh & can include criminal charges akin to treason & isolated confinement. Be warned!

  9. Unforgivable. May they never know the end of suffering. Monsters.

  10. All very well for these people to talk and give their condemnations.The public where never told the truth even atthe trial.and to this day the truth about the boys who did the killing isn’t public knowledge.Those boys never had a chance from the moment they where born.people can read about their lives if they are interested that is.Those childrens parents should have gone to prison for failing tthem.every child should have the love of its parents,what does one do if those parents are unfit to have that status.There must be many who marry or live together who are unfit to have kids.The life those children were brought up in didn’t give them the ability to understand the enormity of what they were doing or even to understand why they did what they did.they were children not adults.You are the product of what you experience in life however long or short.

  11. So 30 people saw them with the little boy and just carried on.says a lot for humanity.

  12. Those kids never had a chance they must have had a terrible life.I have children they get love and all the things children should have as a thing that should be the norm.society has a responsibility which it isn’t prepared to accept. What lives with their families did they have. None whatever.these people who are baying.are nothing but typical avengers. What people.

  13. And Little James lays in his grave while his killers are going out and about, as they can't be kept locked up. This is all wrong. They took a life and they should me made to pay for it. No given days out even with someone with them. They have never been punished for what they did and it is wrong.

  14. How can you say he is agood student this kids needs to be jail they are killers even if they are young think about the parents of the killed child so sick so sick

  15. This story stills horrifies me all these years on…. HORRIFIC 🤬. Can they sleep at night????….. hope not

  16. UK is so messed up. They were basically given house arrest for a few years then released where they continued to offend.

  17. The crime was bad enough but the lack of remorse made it all the worse. They laughed and giggled in court as if it was all just some joke. I know they were young but the proof of the pudding is that one of them is back in custody since he went straight back to committing crime. I am just glad that the powers that be kept an eye on them as they were released and caught one of them before he did anything again. One has been rehabilitated and I am happy that he was able to change his ways, but the other remains a danger to the public and should never see the light of day again. Hopefully he wont.

  18. I remember when they were released and rumours they were repatriated to Australia – I can still remember saying that we were still being used as a penal colony! Wasn’t impressed at the time! Have no idea how true it was.

  19. Without the chance for a ten year old to be rehabilitated, you may as well ditch the justice system.

  20. I blame the parents lack of effort at control, they were WEAK and ignorant!

  21. Don't let they monsters out. They have caused enough pain.

  22. So unfortunate . Old karma repeat itself .

  23. I feel like there are way too many people on this video were to defend the killers, sympathize with them and justify their act.

  24. Clearly, the boys were victims as well. All one can do, is to love. Love James, Rob and Jon. That's all..Love heals, hatred kills.

  25. I knew this story but can barely watch it. Poor Jamie…. We have removed such a dangerous child from our school recently. I wonder what's going to happen now, regarding the government and justicial system do not work properly here. Maybe he'll come back to seek revenge…

  26. When my kids were of that age ( of the murderers), I always knew where they were. What happened there, where were the parents of those heartless guys? R.I.P. poor Jamie.

  27. These facilities should be for at risk youth and small time offenders.

    These boys should have been put to death immediately after being found guilty.

  28. He looks evil what you talking about

  29. That’s how the baby was crying you monster

  30. Maybe they were looking for someone to kill

  31. Since they won't be legally executed, I.m hoping they will soon get street jungle justice. In some countries, police, sometimes look the other way, while street justice is being administered. I hope the boys inherit this fate.

  32. They should be lock up for the rest of their lives!

  33. As a mother I am distraught that the killers are treated so kindly let to swim and go for idillic walking in the countryside while the dead child will never get these kinds of moments they should remain incarcerated for life as the you don’t just get better as a psychopath just better at disguising it that child was tortured and beaten unrelentingly that is not a random act of violence but premeditated

  34. I will never forget what they did to James, that poor baby boy and his poor family to go through such a horrific nightmare. 🙏🙏🙏

  35. I keep hearing that the public insist that these boys have not been punished for the horrific death of a child , and my heart breaks for James's mother.
    The ONLY thing that comes to mind now is the Bible. Jesus Christ died for mankind to have that chance to repent.
    So this verse comes to mind which applies to the murderers as those who scream for their Punishment.
    22)"Even the righteousness of God which is by faith in Jesus Christ unto all upon them who would believe: for there is no difference:
    (emphasis supplied)

    It is sad enough that poor baby JAMES has been so heinously snatched from life.
    But Robert and Jon will be targeted for death even if freed. They will NEVER be free.
    I say like Jesus said, after He wrote with His finger in the sand, "let he of you who is without sin cast the first stone. "
    I speak as a victim of an exceptionally , unspeakable crime,and I STILL suffer PTSD from,
    But, by the grace of God;
    I believe i have forgiven my abuser, although left severely scarred for life.

  36. I think this is a case where the devil was in their hearts. Vulnerable children are susceptible. The one boy was damaged by his family's difficulties. Most people could handle that, but some can't. No structure, no responsibility, no real organizational life .

  37. Really these 10 year olds should be placed on the tracks as well come on

  38. I felt the same outrage 15 years ago particularly after hearing the blow-by-blow description. But I remember at that age having a friend and we would encourage one another to do wrong, one day I was directing a whole gang of boys to pile heavy stuff on the tracks in hopes of derailing the next train. lucky for me one of the boys doubled back to clear the tracks. Age, hormones, bullying, and parental neglect all contribute to the tragedy. I pray therefore the angel of God intervenes in the hour of necessity. And that hearts be changed

  39. I think they should have been 'put to sleep' .Theyre evil and t here's no going back

  40. Hard to believe its almost thirty years, how time has flown, my deepest condolences to young James family 👪 💔 😢 until the dawn, God Bless.

  41. Give me $3000 a week for 20 years I’ll be a very good boy

  42. Totally amazing. As a youngster until the age of 18 I never travelled anywhere in UK or had holidays away. My parents were hard workers but the money was never there for these luxuries. This pair tortured another kid and killed him yet they've been to places I only heard of. I just dont know what to say.

  43. I have a friend that is a legitimate genius. He does no believe people can be evil. He's also 10 years younger (im in my 40s). I see him naive.

  44. It doesn't seem like Thompson and Venebles have ever shown any remorse for their crime. Nor is there any indication that the two even understood the seriousness of their crime. There has been no recorded message to the Bolger family from either one of them apologising and begging forgiveness for destroying the Bolger family lives.
    Protection from successive governments over the decades suggests that these two were early sereal killers , who should NEVER BE RELEASED back into society.

  45. One of these demons after release were given new identity and new locations
    In 2003 talking to my cousin her fella worked as a prison officers in a jail in southern Ireland
    He was going through a file of an inmate there, at the back of this inmates file had his real name, it was one of those demands, he was in prison this time foe a domestic,

  46. These 2 will
    Never change God bless little James 💜

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