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Unforgiven: The Boys Who Killed A Child (Jamie Bulger Documentary) | Real Stories

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Unforgiven: The Boys Who Killed A Child (Jamie Bulger Documentary) | Real Stories

This powerful and disturbing documentary covers the outcry approaching the release of Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, the two 10 year old boys who killed 2 year-old James Bulger in 1993. Re-telling the tragedy, the film presents the protests against their release from an institution, delves into the backgrounds of the killers, their terrible violent act and the impact it caused in UK. It also explores claims that their punishment has been a sham, as reporter Deborah Davies investigates how inmates at secure units are treated and interviews experts to learn whether eight years has been sufficient time to successfully rehabilitate the pair.

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  1. When a dog mauls a child it’s taken away and destroyed to prevent it from attacking anyone else. And yet these vile, sub-human predators received the smallest of sentences possible. There was no reason for their actions, no mitigating factors and no excuses. They are both simply evil as their subsequent convictions after being released from prison proves. I can only imagine the crippling grief and anger the Bulger family must continue to go through every day. Rest in peace Jamie ❤️

  2. These two boys shouldn't be allowed back out of prison cause they might do it again

  3. If I seen any child in any kind of distress not just bleeding and crying I'd pick up that child and hang on for dear life until the police arrived It may be nothing and I'm charged BUT if I had been one of those ones that did nothing,- that sweet baby boy would be alive. As for the youngsters that did this to baby James, well , leopards don't change their spots so they say, they could do such things again, or maybe not, HOW does one know for sure? I do think lay blame on their parents, everyone seems to blame the parents for a child behavior bur children DO have a mind of their own
    We all will stand before the judgements seat of Christ- HE said jugdgement is his. So with that said- it is HIS judgement as to what they did and how, and they will be dealt with correctly, opposed to the world full of anger sadness and vengeance towards those 2 boys FOR baby James . I remember the night it came on the evening news, 😟 , I was sick! I only imagined looking at my then 2 year old what I'd do ( it wasn't nice ) 😕- I think they should remain in lock up, James' Mom and dad got a life sentence due to the actions of those 10 year Olds, that kind of pain stays with you, but not to the ones that did the crime. Baby James became everybody's baby, 💙

  4. this is evil's act…these 2 kids need to be terminated. human right doesn't apply to them cos they are not human..the parents also should be in jail too

  5. Sad thing is the little POS had their names changed and one of them moved to Australia. We were not told about him. Serial killers usual start killing small animals, these things killed a child.l

  6. I want to hear how many savage child killers have been successfully rehabilitated & are productive members of society. Man, I hate the psychiatric "expert" prattling on about all the luxurious perks "young people need" for their future. You know what else "young people need?" The right not to be savagely killed when they're 2 years old. "Successfully returning them to the community" is a nonstarter. They're not wanted in the community. EVER. If authorities really want to know how much "their communities" want them, just release them under their true identities.

  7. God's gift to humans is, that at any moment a soul can redeem itself once that realization happens it also realizes the full weight of the deed committed that is the greatest punishment to be felt within the psyche.

  8. Death penalty, not pity for these monsters. Age has nothing to do with brutality, evil. In Dubai there is no crime. They hang people on the first offense. There is never a second offense. People who disagree should suffer as this mother did.

  9. terrible and terrifying for anyone,let alone a 2 year old child who has just entered this world,to experience death in such a way for no reason at all. people are animals and that's it. there's no need to talk further in vain

  10. Id still do time again too get rid of them.

  11. TV did this – now TV is blaming those boys.

  12. If television caused this – imagine what the internet will do to young souls – worse than the zombie apocalypse – it is toddlers with chainsaws and flamethrowers killing and eating you

  13. As with any crime, the society from where the instigator (s) were from, brought up, taught by, policed by, has a responsibility. Theses were 2 young boys at the time. Guilty of an horrendous crime but they were damaged by those around them and the guilt is not theirs alone. It needs to be a crime which perhaps we all should be punished.

  14. This poor mother has had to endure scum taking a angel from his resting place

  15. IF james was alive today he would be 32 yeara old he probably would have children of his own

  16. Wha a sick, individualistic, capitalist society where thirty people – THIRTY – saw two boys dragging a battered kid through the streets and no one intervened or bothered to call the police.

  17. Pure e-vil both of them. I hope they and anyone who did nothing to help little lad are tortured forever in Hades

  18. The perpetrator's parents should not have had kids. They neglected them to an incredible extent and created this horrific disaster.

  19. Horrific case..whatever was their reason for their actions against a baby ..one child must have been the leader in the crime a sociopath.

  20. I remember this as though it was yesterday, One of the worst crimes of the 90s. They should have been executed for this, no matter what age they are, What they did was beyond evil. If one of those two were my son, and they did that, id ask the judge, to make sure he does time until he dies. Also i would dis own him.

  21. Two young kids dragging an even younger kid crying cut head seen by 30 witness yet nobody did or said anything that's brutal

  22. they witnessed some cruelty at home im sure… it doesnt happen out of nowhere. maybe somebody was very cruel to them

  23. Who is that idiot at minute 28? Yes let's put them into a privileged facility where they have got more than they ever would have if they hadn't viciously tortured and murdered a innocent wee boy.

  24. Tacy nieletni przestępcy lub mordercy rzadko wracają jako normalni ludzie…w więzieniach powinni zarobić na swoje utrzymanie i wygody …

  25. Bogan parents create mad bogan children. Those protesters wanted to lynch those 2 children.

  26. And socialist Psychologists say it was their upbringing, nurture, rather than nature. Bollocks. They are just nasty bastards, like bullies. do they deserve a life?

  27. God I can’t imagine what that poor little boy must have felt like. I am so emotional after watching this. That poor little baby. May he Rest In Peace

  28. They need to be sterilized so they never pass their genes on and they need to be banned from ever having contact with children. They should also be tattooed on the forehead and hands to identify them as being violent criminals.

  29. I feel like what those boys did is the worst and most horrible thing in the world. I do believe in rehabilitation but, a HUGE part of that should be that ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES! They brutally murdered a child and it’s not ok that he left the unit a year into the sentence! Of course he has a right to care, support and education…however he DOES NOT have a right to McDonald’s, football and swimming trips!

  30. guess what. they are living in australia thanks to our government

  31. I don't understand why their parents weren't punished, as horrific as the crime was, it was committed by children, how can children be held fully accountable? Their parent should have at least received some very very harsh criticism

  32. an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind…

  33. Where on earth do they come from.EXORCIST Eat your heart out.

  34. The DEVIL Must be laughing his head off!😂

  35. This is JUSTICE for a child ,cut in half by a TRAIN,!?? BO**ocks

  36. This guys off his F,ing head! U stupid head!

  37. some children need to be charged with adult crimes

  38. They are not being punished they are having the time of their life

  39. It's not right for them to have a great life when they need to go on to a harsh punishment

  40. Psychopaths can't change. They can pretend to have changed.

  41. one of them grew up to be a pedophile smh not surprised

  42. I've not seen any comments yet about the people who are said to be hunting them down trying to find them so they can kill them.

    I'm curious how everyone feels about this.

  43. I pray these children not only be able to understand what they have done. But that they would also be given the chance of the Acts 2 message and experience because in that chapter told them they killed the Messiah. And he told them how to be right with God. They asked the question what shall we do? And Peter responded with verse 38 and 39 and Peter said unto them repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the Forgiveness of sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost for the promise is unto you answer your children those that are far off as many as the Lord Our God shall call. Murder is a sin. I have stated it is also forgivable in the eyes of God.

  44. I don't believe locking the kids up was punishment. I think that these two boys were probably in the best situations that they had ever experienced in their lives. The question is, what to do with them long term. And if you seek to punish them, should you also go after their parents and hold them responsible for the horrible conditions under which their sociopath tendencies were fostered?

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