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UNEXPECTED OUTCOMES (#2) | Gielinor Games

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Welcome to the Gielinor Games. Eighteen of your favorite content creators will be competing in weekly challenges and eliminations to win a growing prize pool starting at 15 billion gp. But in the end, only one person can win!

Season 4 Player Socials:

(If you’d like to know any of the songs, please leave a comment below or send me a DM on Twitter @ SoupRS)

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  1. Bless the eliminated, they really are one of the best personalities in the community and on GG. Hilarious commentary.

    But man am I glad to see Kanini take the W
    He's who I'm rooting for most in these games

  2. love how well these vids are made <3 team c engineer

  3. So what’s the bad thing about going out first compared to 4th in the challenge????? Makes 0 difference

  4. This is better then any game TV Show. Petition for this to come on Netflix!!

  5. I feel like some of the segments were stretched out for too long. Cutting back and forth from so many perspectives just gets repetitive and emulates what I hate most about “TV” programs it’s formulaic and a lot of it just does seem to be authentic imo. Sanitized pretty much scripted statements stating the obvious over and over. I guess you could say that’s better production value but idk still a good video series I just hope it doesn’t try too hard to be something it’s not

  6. should let the other contestants type, emote, flex gear while things like 1v1s are going on it would make for a funny lil audience interaction 😀

  7. Too soon! I expected to see Skillspecs in the banning but not like this!

  8. Anyone else sad Oda will probably never get a chance in this? feel like a lot of content creators dont like him a lot but mnan he has a great mix of skills and is elite entertainment. Lot of the good pkers dont have that much personality. Also nothing wrong with having a villian if thats what it would be.,

  9. Westham used special attack orbs to use DDS specials…. Isn’t that a DQ?

  10. We’ve got someone who contributed 400m in weekly but they aren’t in all time high contributions. Poor sasawas.

  11. For you younger people, this is why Mahatma, Elvemage, and Kids Ranqe were so good, they were pking without any f keys all the way back in the day when the wildy was actually full

  12. @souprs just a quick idea how about a pvm special edition games for the best pvmers and a pvp special edition for the best pvp

  13. Westham using the spec orb at 45:20 and 46:03 felt kind of unfair considering Skill Specs kept to the f1 tab and the orb came out at 2018 but was actually clickable in 2019? Anyway amazing season! 🔥

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