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Unboxing The Game Boy Advance in 2022 … Was It Worth It ?

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Let’s unbox my first Game Boy Advance (non modded) after 10 years.
How is it and is it still worth buying an original version from Ebay ?

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  1. Its worth it IF you can buy JRPGS' for it that don't cost OVER $100 for any.

  2. I was never into portables handhelds but I know they had great games. But now with big hands and eyesight issues it's hard to go back. I tried to use a PSP in a store a few years ago and had a hard time with it. Anyway good reviews and cool video Wicked!👍

  3. Dude.
    It's worth using a GBA since the release date in 2001.
    Even the non backlight model.
    Because the console and most of the 2D (and 3D) games are LEGENDARY !!!

  4. I passed on it, but eventually got the gba sp. Having a back lit screen was great 😊

  5. As cool as the GBA was back in the day, enabling us to play ports of Super Nintendo games on the go, my favorite will always be the Gameboy Classic. My mom bought me a Gameboy Classic back in 1990 and I still own it. If I had broken or lost it, I probably would have upgraded to a black Gameboy Pocket which was technically superior in so many ways, but I could not otherwise justify the cost (to myself or my mom). I collected so man freaking GB games over the years and now that I finally shelled out for a GB Boy Colour, I've started to collect GBC games from Ebay and Aliexpress! If you count the GBC, this system lasted over a decade before Nintendo shelved it — something that never happened before and probably won't happen again. Maybe Nintendo didn't make as much money off of it as they did with later systems, but from a purely consumer perspective, I think it's safe to say that nothing will ever be better than the Gameboy. Back in the day no console could compete with it in terms of price, battery life, and the size of its game library and from what I've seen of the Switch, this will continue to be the case for the foreseeable future. Even now companies are STILL developing games for this 30+ year old system. That's just unreal!

  6. They we're cool handhelds for sure. Had ome great not just console but arcade ports aswell 👍

  7. I miss my SP Tribal so much… Looking to buy a GBA with ISP and this damn EZ-Flash cartridge–if I can get one!! And… YEAH!! this beaty is still wonderful in 2022 and thereafter!!

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  9. My Dudeeeeeeeeee missed you…GBA is the ultimate handheld for me and probably for you ~AWESOME GAMES ~ Enjoy my man, Ill buy one me too for sure

  10. I had this one back in the day and it was amazing I remember I got really addicted to Mario kart, even today I still go and play back some games via emulation, for instance I used to love the NES but other than nostalgia most games don't really keep me interested anymore, the GBA still has games that make me genuinely want to play them and even found some hidden gems that wish I had back in the day like guilty gear, cant believe they made a port that actually plays the same as the original and the crappy graphics and 8 bit soundtrack rather than make it look and sound worst it adds to the charm!

  11. the non backlit version is not very playable in todays world and needs a backlite to be great again.i have a gba sp unhinged with a backlit screen and its just some much better to play on

  12. is it better than Game Theory Admiral ? i never own a GBA so im curious

  13. I had the same one (still have it ) it was awesome back then the screen sucked but was still awesome

  14. Still have my original GBA, just recently did a shell swap to it with a translucent orange shell with blue buttons (aka The Goku). Also got the Game Station 2022 GBA clone, it has TF support which is nice but no matter the region the rom is it plays them all at 50hz but still fully playable. The listing says 5180 games but it's judt the 2022 version

  15. I know it sounds so corny, but I always loved Mario anything and Tetris! I still remember after I got bigger I passed my Gameboy on to my brother when I got the SNES system. I played that thing all day and half the night. I remember my dad and I trying to beat a few games we'd pause the game and turn the t.v. off and warn the others to not touch our game so we could play again after I got home from school. Or remembering the next kid wanting a turn would sit there during my turn and say, "die,die, die,die,die, die,die!!!!!!" Hoping they'd screw you up, and you'd fall off a cliff, or a goomba would come and kill you! It was crazy, but such good memories!! Sigh…Miss playing with my daddy.😢 But I carry on the tradition and play with my kids! It's always good times! 😁😝

  16. Yes it is worth it! Why? Because I still play it everyday it's still the best 🎮 handheld ever made. I also still play my GBA Sp alot more than the switch! Yes I still remember playing my orginal Gameboy and in 1995 I bought a Gameboy Color my favorite Gameboy color game was Spider-Man 2 The Sinister 6 and finally my favorite Gameboy games we're TMMT Fall of the Foot Clan Super Mario World 1 and 2 the 6 Golden coins! All time favorite GBA games Legend of Zelda a Link to the past and The Minish Cap Metroid Zero Mission and Fusion Turock Dinosaur Hunter and Contra the Alein Wars! Also Super Mario Advance 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3

  17. Your going to need to purchase I always called it the batteries drainer GBA Light!

  18. ive just picked up a boxy pixel gba with ipsv2 screen rechargable battery , paired with a everdrive mini its awesome

  19. You can play gba games exactly as they meant to be played, without input lag using a new3ds xl ,worth it more 😉

  20. So many memories- bought it on one of my first holidays with my husband 🥹

  21. I got rid of mine after having it for a month for a used modded PlayStation.

  22. Gameboy Advance with always be king

  23. I grow also up with the old DMG. I loved playing on it. My all time favorite game is Super Mario Land 2 – The six golden coins.

  24. I love the GBA with the IPS display, I've been looking into get one for myself.

  25. The powkiddy v90 is now my favourite way to play all the old gameboy/ advanced games.

  26. A little older than the GB but I did buy one when it came out, had all the lights and screen magnifiers and it was gigantic, lol. My last real handheld before emulation was the GB Advance. I loved that thing!

  27. Great memories. I bought it when I was in East Germany on a month long training exersize. Made those -15 degree nights in a tent more bearable.

  28. I grew up with gameboy classic. My first games were Tetris and Super Mario Land. Later on we’re the Pokémon games and Final Fantasy Adventures. 🤘

  29. Never liked the first couple of Gameboys because the screens were just too small for my liking. This was the fist that had any appeal with the larger screen and landscape shell. However, as demonstrated in the video, that screen reflection was not good at all.

  30. yo save that gameboy i see poeple do a color screen mod too it and with the gba i remember owning my first Gameboy color i never owned a game boy original before one day i owned a gba sp and a ds phat and ds lite love the nintendo hand haldeds i grew up with the color still own my color the same color as your purple

  31. Pokemon Gold, Silver and Metal Gear Solid were pretty stellar for the capabilities of the original handheld.

  32. I have an SP, Gameboy Micro, GBA player for the CGN and a DS Lite. But never an OG GBA. Someday….

  33. i got a trashed Gba.. the person was going to throw it away… changed the fuse…cost me 1$ to do so… put an ips display in it.. bought a supercard… i love it.. now i'm thinking of getting The Pokemon My Ass game lol

  34. they really should've made the gba with 4 face buttons like an snes controller since it was modern "32 bit" advanced

  35. I wanted one, but couldn’t afford one. I love that I can play this stuff on emulation.

  36. Backwards compatibility is a really big thing these days. The new xbox and playstation consoles are completely backwards compatible to the last gen. Only nintendo made a cut with the switch (which is sad but also kind of required because of the hardware architecture).

  37. GB classic was my first gameboy. I swapped mine into a fresh shell not long ago and played it for a bit. The display was sooooo bad. How did we put up with it XD

  38. With all the bootleg 5$ gba games on aliexpress can't go wrong especially if you have the ips screen

  39. My friend gave me hes old original Gameboy as a kid with Robocop game. It was ok I guess, but it wasn't until I got Pokemon Red I fell in love with the Gameboy. So I played Pokemon Red on it and then I got the grape purple Gameboy Color for my birthday and that was amazing seeing it in colour lol. And then I must of racked in about 1000+ hours playing Pokemon Red, Pokemon Gold and Super Mario Land 2 lol good times.

  40. 🛋🦍Playing these handhelds is not really good after 40, make sure you’ve got that thing up at I level out in front of your head and you’re not destroying your neck looking down 💫

  41. My old GBA was my first console until it died a year ago after a mistake of mine. I had bought it at 2001 for around 145€ Ι have a IPS modded GBA now to play with.

  42. The GBA was my first Nintendo handheld device. Castlevania: Circle of the Moon was almost unbearable to play due to the lack of backlight.

  43. This is probably my fourth favorite handheld. I love the design. I think the micro was slightly better. I like that one over the SP. 369 in 1 is probably the only multicart worth buying. The thing about ez flash is that you can play game gear, sega master system, wonderswan…There is a custom kernel on the internet.

  44. All I can say about that game boy color is yum

  45. Got the Gameboy player on the GameCube love it

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