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UConn vs. Alabama – Final Four NCAA tournament extended highlights

March Madness
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UConn defeated Alabama 86-72 in the Final Four to advance to a second-straight championship game, led by an 18-point, 4-block performance from Donovan Clingan. Watch the full game highlights here.

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  1. UConn is the best team I’ve ever seen

  2. Alabama fans gonna go home and cry with their sister/wife.

  3. Alabama…semi-finals elimination capitol of the world!

  4. UConn is just too good… Alabama has no reason to be upset cause they played well 💯

  5. Love Ian Eagle’s full Nelson call 😂

  6. Might as well give it to UConn now all over but the crying

  7. kind of bummed i couldn't watch this (i don't have cable). but the highlights are actually better.

  8. Hmm. So they let the men play and don't make BS foul calls with seconds left. Hmm.😏

  9. Nelson is a straight up baller. As a Pacers fan, we need to use one of our 2nd rounders for him. We need a rebounder who can space the floor. He'd be an incredible backup for Myles Turner

  10. If Alabama had any kind of game besides shooting 3's all game they might have a chance to win!!! They are so one dimensional!

  11. wow … nice game … to both teams … UConn all the way…

  12. No disrespect to bama they played well but uconn is on a different level

  13. Alabama fan here, Not upset one bit. I’m super proud of the year we’ve had, and i am very hopeful to the future. I wish Uconn the best of luck in the championship and all the years to come. Roll Tide 🐘🔴⚪️

  14. So here’s my question. At the very end of a Final 4 game like either of these two, why not get the bench players in? There may not be an opportunity in the Championship game, but all 4 teams had an opportunity to get them on the floor without impacting the outcome.

  15. Don't kid yourselves Alabama, you're not a basketball blue blood. You won't be back here in a while.

  16. Alot of extra steps by Bama? Sure looked like it to me on at least 3 occasions. Officiating. Of course the announcers say nothing. Uh Oh! I don't want to get fined!

  17. This might be the highest basketball skill I have ever seen in the modern college age. I forgot this was a college game several times. Insane the amount of talent on these teams.

  18. We all know it…. Only way for Purdue to have a chance is early foul trouble for Clingan….

  19. Them white boys can ball!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  20. Nobody mentioning Spencer? That dude CARRIED…. not sure if he is a fit for the NBA , seems perfect for the european leagues though

  21. When you add skill AND pure hustle, you are pretty much unstoppable. UConn made the most out of every possession, especially on the defensive end. Hats off to Alabama though, they gave it all they had.

  22. #1 UCONN will face #1 Purdue on Monday in the National Championship

  23. Alabama. Roll tride not gud enough 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  24. 🤔 So NCAA, the Big 12, ( Self proclaimed best conference in the nation. ) deserved to have 8 teams in the tournament?! Strike 2 on the selection committee!⚾⚾

  25. I feel that Alabama and NC State were the better teams that didn't deliver

  26. Man, did that guy Sears on Alabama miss even one shot the entire game?

  27. I really hate seeing how often D1 basketball players get away with Traveling violations. Number #12 on UConn travels at 7:28 , and in the very next highlight, #2 on Alabama travels at 7:40 .

  28. Alabama is overrated. They got blown out. 😂

  29. Mark sears is the best player on Alabama. Nelson was decent, but 2 players won’t win championships. UCONN is insane

  30. Bama grad here, went to the game, Spencer is UConns mvp he’s not as athletic as Steve Nash but pretty close, give that guy a chance in the nba and he’ll be making these same championship plays in June. awesome time in Phoenix can’t complain Roll Tide

  31. Alabama had them on the rope's for sure…they were hitting all thr shots

  32. Been saying for it for over 2 years now, UConn is a level above anyone else in the league. I should be betting on sports

  33. There’s no way another fan base is gonna lie to theirselves and think they can actually beat UConn right? Right Purdue? You afterthought University

  34. Watching these highlights lets me feel good about Purdue, they have better bigs and they are more aggressive down low. UConn bigs are soft just taller

  35. I'm proud of the Bama player's, they've set a new high water mark at the University of Alabama.

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