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Ubisoft’s New FREE TO PLAY Game!

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Ubisoft is releasing its upcoming free to play game of 2023 which is coming in with a closed beta phase Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland gameplay offers to you a small town American setting where we play as the division agent that fights against the crime and free the ones effected by the apocalypse. This new Free To Play games 2023 is a multiplayer mmo rpg action packed game that will be coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and mobile device as well. Now Ubisoft has said that this free to play game will be getting more updates in the coming weeks.


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  1. I love the division BUT I’m concerned on how pvp is gonna work because division 2 pvp was broken af and just was impossible to win against fully built builds since there was zero matchmaking for your level/gear. I’ll believe it till I see it on this one. Also skeptical on ftp but as long as there isn’t pay to win then I’ll give it a shot

  2. I can not wait for this new division game!!

  3. I don’t care about this free game.I care about delays on Mirage. I am extremely annoyed about this. Should have used the resources to get Mirage out the door, on time, without more delays

  4. they should have just made this a gamemode on div 2 lol

  5. They announced this over 2 years ago lol not 5 days ago😂. Where you been at?

  6. If it's on phone.. that means it will run in my computer right? :')

  7. Gotta hear you say "register" one more time!

  8. The fact is avaiable for all platform is cool I hope will be good on pc but ubisoft is not famous for optimization 😂😁

  9. Fuck yea prayge for this since the division 1 shame it isn’t set back in New York but nbd

  10. There must be a catch if they giving it for free, but… just another division in different coat with their sh*tty bullet sponging enemies and guns with levels that does take gamers away from any immersive experience. Of course it has some fan base, of course there will be people who will spend hours in this, but…

  11. Buncha horse shit, ubisoft fell off and had numerous games cancelled and delayed to oblivion, my ass this is ever gonna be a thing

  12. Remember guys, the original division was infamous for the trailer and beta being upscaled just to be toned down for release… keep your expectations low and enjoy what you get instead of having high expectations and get disappointed

  13. Holy crap it's just going to be the most expensive game in history. I can't even imagine how much free-to-play Ubisoft game is going to cost but I know it's outside my price range

  14. Lmao! It's like they didn't think this through…

  15. Overated, over hype gg this game will die in 2 years

  16. Horrible company on how they treat employees.

  17. Ubisoft still recycling games that already exists and relaunch the game with few changes 😂

  18. I still can't play The Division 2 for more than 5-10mins because of the Delta 03 Error.

  19. lol the div2 pvp pc is surrounded by hax..we all know..would this be somth else???use glitches…hax etc etc ..nah i dont think so tbh..i wait and see but man ..if they could not get pvp pc hax free how will they do it in this free game ..come on man..

  20. Bet ya cant get another code. 🤪 😂😢bet ya 5 dollars

  21. The way YouTubers beg for likes is a joke.

  22. Could they not just have made the pvp a second mode and just allowed us players that like div 1 and 2 to explore and pve ai do that like div2?

  23. Can I download it in play store?
    What's the name pls

  24. Why do they not understand that the greatest gamemode for 3rd person shooters has been done. 8 v 8 single death. SOCOM!!!

  25. free to play by Ubisoft
    i don't think so
    bet its crap
    rather play with dog shit

  26. The game was officially announced in May 2021

  27. When is it releasing ? this my most anticipated game this yr

  28. ❤ thanks for this look forward to stream on ps4

  29. The Division Deads after ubi transform to freefire's grapichs.

  30. YES !!! FINALLY something other than DISASTER 2 🤗

  31. I only hope cross play functions well as in Destiny for example 🙂

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