Two Little Boys - LGBT Short Film -

Two Little Boys – LGBT Short Film

Farbod Khoshtinat
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Inspired by true events.

Written & Directed by: Farbod Khoshtinat
Producer: Sepehr Mikaeilian

Principal Cast:

Trace Talbot as Josh
Asa Germann as Tyler
Jordan Kyle as Sam

Principal Crew:

Director of Photography: Sam Chatterjee
Associate Producer: Mathew Davis
Production Manager: Nila Zojaji
Make-Up: Samuel Riley, Sarah Contreras
Stunt Coordinator: Omid Zader

Notable festival selections:

– Out on Film : Best Short Film Audience Award
– Manhattan shorts: Finalist
– Nashville Film Festival: Official Selection
– Norwich Film Festival: Official Selection
– Brooklyn Film Festival: Official Selection

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  1. This will always be my favourite short film. It is powerful and sends the best message i've ever heard of

  2. It's amazing how these small productions have way better actors than actual Hollywood movies

  3. What the fuck is wrong with the world now

  4. This shows how reputation of parents these days can result in depression, failure and overall sadness for their children. Curse this kind of parents who acts like jailors to their kids.

  5. When I hear him crying, I feel a pain in my heart 😭😭😭😭

  6. Poor Tyler, his Mom decided to be a complete monster by over reacting to him being cute and loving with Josh as they were small . . . . . Yup, Homophobia does this to people that are not willing to accept nor try to understand much of anything about Homosexuality being a part of Nature. Over all, I am a homosexual and my Mother is embarrass of me to the point she wanted to keep me away from the world to see me, therefore . . .. . If I ever have Children, they will be accepted and treated with love to the utmost I can as what a Father can provide best to have two roles as Mother & Father.

  7. i just dont feal sorry for the kid who falsey claimed rape

  8. The best film ever, well acted. I'm in tears, the end is so touching. 😭

  9. From reading the comments, I've concluded that this short film is based on the Director's personal experience that didn't end this extreme.
    These two moral concepts came to mind after watching the film;
    1. In Horror Movies, typically, there's a sexual encounter just before the gruesome killing occurs because sex outside marriage is a sin.
    2. I've noticed too often there is a high level of violence to justify a homosexual sex scene.
    I prefer optimistic role models so people can have hope. In the year this film was made we are beyond this narrative. There are still possibilities for all people to find love, regardless be able to lead a fulfilling life that isn't as tragic

  10. Wait so this isn’t some sweet love story🧍🏾

  11. Its only 13 minutes but bro im litreally crying for like 30 minutes😭🤚

  12. I think Josh didn't even expect it a lil bit that it will be his last day🙂 This teaches me never to love someone because at the end for all of us love doesn't but society matters 🙂🙂 never attach string with anyone because it will hurt and that pain will never left you

  13. Wait they both died!?😭omg that was so sad!

  14. As someone who is gay, this made me cry SO HARD. We live in such a cruel world of discrimination these days and it breaks my heart to know that this happened in real life. Sometimes, people like us, get so bullied that it drives us to suicide. So please, to everyone who is currently bullying, do the right thing and STOP! And to everyone who is a victim of bullying, you're not alone, and keep fighting for yourself and for whats right.

  15. You know I was searching for cute bl short film not DEPRESSION

  16. Que final tan triste
    Amor es amor y si tienes a alguien que te amé valorarlo porque no todos lo tienen

  17. 😢😢😢😠😠😠😠😭😭😭😓

  18. Omg that mom was awful, why you slap them that hard, I would just have talked to him

  19. I still thinking about killing myself bc of bullying…

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