Two Boys and Two Bots | TOBOT English | Full Episode | Kids Cartoon -

Two Boys and Two Bots | TOBOT English | Full Episode | Kids Cartoon

TOBOT English
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Tobot (Korean: 賵) is a South Korean animated television series produced by Young Toys and Retrobot. The series features transforming cars and some of them are designed after Kia Motors vehicles.

Elementary school student and Robot Racing super-fan Kyle Hughes finally gets the chance to live out his dreams, and joins the League with Alpha, Beta and Theta the three Tobots built by his mother, Dr. Hughes.

Having successfully eliminated corruption in the Robot Racing League by defeating the infamous Mavrik Stone, the Athlons join Team Typhoon and shift their focus to an entirely new competition. Tori and Kyle have their suspicions that a similar type of cheating that took place in Robot Racing exists in the Robot Dodgeball League! Tori, shrewd as ever, quickly suspects that Lola; an up and coming celebrity, is behind it all. Unlucky for her, everyones a big fan of Lolas and therefore blind to the evidenceKyle included.

Meet your Tobot Friends

Tobot Alpha : One of Kyle’s racing Tobots. Alpha is used specifically for races where speed is required. Alpha suffers from a bit of OCD and is always extremely careful about avoiding
dirt, mud or anything else that could dirty him up.
Tobot Beta : Another of Kyle’s racing Tobots. Beta is used for the City Races which involve more than speed, but also parkour skills. Beta’s personality is high-spirited and optimistic.
Tobot Theta : Kyle’s third Tobot. THETA is not a racing Tobot, but is still integral to the robot races. Every pilot controls his racing Tobot from the back of a “Command” Tobot.
JIMMY: Tori’s racing bot. He’s destroyed by Mavrik in one of the races.
HERO: Mavrik’s racing bot. A mindless drone who executes Mavrik’s bidding to perfection.
KYLE: A brave boy with a heart of gold. The pilot of Team Athlon, Kyle can sometimes come across as insecure and thin-skinned, but he’s honest and true to himself.
TORI: Tori used to be Mavrik’s greatest rival, but when her robot, Jimmy, is sabotaged and destroyed, she joins Team Athlon as the coach.
MAVRIK STONE: The reigning Champion of the Robot Racing League. Mavrik is slick, cool and adored by everyone.
DR. HUGHES: A brilliant mechanical engineer and mother of Kyle. She designed Athlons Alpha, Beta and Theta
EJ: Kyle’s loving and caring father. EJ takes care of the home and loves doing it.
DALE: Kyle’s little brother. Dale loves to run around the house causing mayhem and destruction.
RAY: Tori’s uncle, and a excellent mechanic.
LOGAN: Brogan’s twin brother.
BROGAN: Logan’s twin brother.
NATHAN: One of the original Tobot Pilots from Daedo City.
TIMMY: Nathan’s younger brother.
PICKLES : Kyle’s family dog.

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