Trying to find the WARDEN Was a Mistake😭 -

Trying to find the WARDEN Was a Mistake😭

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The Whole Video is recorded in three parts:-
1st Part before “the Wild” update (around 29th May)
2nd Part- After “The Wild Update” (7th June)
3rd Part- After loosing everything while playing off camera (8th June)
The total recording for the video was 6 Hour 32 Min long lol.
So Yeah I am back again with a new Minecraft video for all the Minecraft fans where I played and saw all the new Updates including the Most Dangerous New Mob “WARDEN” and he was one hell of a guy. We were able to find these new amazing biomes including crystals, dripstones and an underground forest. It was beautiful and we also met that cute little Axolotl.
We got a ton of diamonds which was great, I used night vision for the first time in this whole Minecraft series, I never even knew the potions existed. This is such a nice potion to carry while exploring deep dark caves. I hope we can meet and fight Warden again in the next episode? You wanna see the episode fast? Drop a like on the video. It helps in keeping the motivation up so I can record more videos.

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  1. do gamma 1000 in the minecraft folder options txt

  2. Bhai graphics fancy kr lo ek torch se hi light mil jayegi aapko

  3. hlo BBs ap option men ja ke dainamic lights ko fancy kar do phir jab bhi ap torch pakro ge ya DROP ka ro ge to vo GLOW kare ga 😉

  4. you dont need to fight the warden actually just take the warden spawner and can make a farm for sculk catalyst and wardens ability:sonic boom can penetrate upto 13 walls so you cannot avoid it even if you build upwards and you should always sneak in the acient city but if a warden spawn you should just run cause it can actually smell the player and always follow the player and it has 300 hearts
    the warden can kill you with just one hit even if you have full netherite armour with protection 4

  5. Beast boy when 1 or 2 years ago common minecraft but that time you was worrior a legend a hero now a normal person in minecraft all like to see you every day now almost subscribe you but not seeing you because now your not a badas tipe full power funny interesting and more but now you are change in story video also first I was not mising a video of you but now not intrested to see the video your changed please old BBS come back please 😭😭😢😢😢😭

  6. Other youtubers:- i need a lot of Netharite to make a beacom
    Bbs:- i need sticks and coal to make some torches

  7. bro texture pack konsa hai?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? please reply!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. bbs minecraft ka ek server ha wynncraft usse try karo hypixel se bhi bohot acha ha yo server apne ap me hi ek game ha

  9. shubh warden is just out of yr league brother

  10. Shub Sir Try To Fancy Dynamic LIghts In Video Setting It Helps A Lot….

  11. There is a special enchantment on boots to run from warden named sneek shift

  12. Bhai bbs apko fossil mila tha jo bone block se bana thha vo pure Minecraft me rearest hai btw love your videos

  13. the all mighty push by warden was so cool

  14. Bro found fossil (14:28) …..And was still unhappy like ……..Its a rare structure

  15. you can make a furnace then can convert raw iron into iron then make a bucket take lava in it then go to stronghold then drop the lava attract the warden with arrow in lava {so easy}
    you didn't notice that all materials are available in your inventory ( LOL)

  16. Any body noticed that bbs just mined down one of the rarest structure the skeleton with diamond in it wtf! Time 14:20 to 14:36

  17. If you want to defeat warden use water bucket and trapped him in water and Start hitting him if he use sonic beam doge it and destroy all his shreiker and sculk senser so he can't be respawn again and kill him

  18. On my birthday the update came😂😂😂

  19. You and your expression which makes me laugh 😃 😀 😄 😁

  20. What ??? He found a bone structure that is so rare in overworld

  21. He got a block of bone meals thiss is very rare it's 1 in a entire world of Minecraft 💀💀

  22. At first I thought u were a very angry person but now

  23. You said in a video that you will break a record of dying in neather and I will be breaking a record of dying in lava when exploring caves if I see also

  24. Shubham ye to majak
    Warden -ruko zara phadenge tumhari bari bari

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