Top Gun - Playing with the Boys -

Top Gun – Playing with the Boys

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  1. Great that the "Slider you stink" part is in but cmon, you needed to have the "Come on mother goose you pu$$y" in there too!

  2. I love this movie and song!! 😍🖤🖤🖤

  3. Now to play like this while serving you need a risk assessment, medic or corpsman present, water buffalo, and some high ranking suck wad will shit down due to improper pt attire and fowl language. Guess it’s back to the barracks with the laptop and pizza.

  4. 2:27 I am so hard right now. This is hotter than Lou Pearlman fondling a Backstreet Boy

  5. 2:58 and click pause. Dude!!! WTF!!! xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  6. I've played the exact same version of volleyball. (With no shirts on a beach etc) and soooooo any girls were looking at my lads and me. It was soooo funny lol

  7. They should've let this song in the new movie.

  8. Playing volleyballl in jeans on the beach sounds like a nightmare.

  9. I'd always thought this was shot in Admiral Baker Rec Area, but I guess it's at Foss Field, Miramar. Dang. Anyone watching Top Gun Maverick this weekend?

  10. 2022 revisit for the Top Gun: Maverick….🤣🤣🤣and this is one of the song i listen when flying in Flight sim

  11. I wonder how many guys did the pose during beach volleyball after this movie lol

  12. Crash and Burn Huh Mav, Slider you stink!!!!
    This punch line never gets old. Lol

  13. If you can see in the distant planes while playing, they are all other players and not the actors, incredible to have realized after 35 years : D

  14. esto molaba tanto que de pequeño introduje en mi grupo de amigos la misma forma doble de chocarla.

  15. Slider is only 6 foot 1 in real life the rest are just short arses

  16. Anyone notice that Hangman does that exact same scream 2:18 in the new movie?

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