Top 10 NEW Free Games of 2022 -

Top 10 NEW Free Games of 2022

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Looking a free game on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One or Nintendo Switch? We’ve got you covered with these NEW free to play games.
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#10 The Cycle: Frontier

Platform : PC

Release Date : 2022

#9 Spine

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 XSX|S XBOX ONE

Release Date : TBA

#8 Gangstar New York

Platform : PC

Release Date : 2022

#7 Crowz

Platform : PC

Release Date : TBA

#6 ExoMecha

Platform : PC XSX|S XBOX ONE

Release Date : 2022

#5 KartRider: Drift

Platform : PC PS4 XBOX ONE

Release Date : 2022

#4 MultiVersus

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 XSX|S XBOX ONE

Release Date : 2022

#3 Overprime

Platform : PC

Release Date : 2022

#2 ARC Raiders

Platform : PC PS5 XSX|S

Release Date : TBA 2022

#1 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt

Platform : PC PS5

Release Date : 2022

Bonus :-

SCP: Nine-Tailed Fox

Platform : PC

Release Date : February 2, 2022, Early Access


Platform : PC

Release Date : 2022


  1. Great vid for PC players
    …Overprime looks like Pargon a lot

  2. wow! I haven't heard the name Ganstar since bloody brick phones… wow!

  3. I feel kinda bad the cycle changed, it was a very light heart game with fun jokes and interesting ideas, I had a lot of fun playing it, I get sad because it was very original the concept and now, at least for me it looks so bland now. I just hope it get successful ahd the guys makes their money back

  4. How the hell is lost ark not on here?

  5. Lost Ark anyone? I known it's not a new game, but it was released this year outside of Korea.
    Edit. Should be in the bonus section.

  6. PS4 is being left out with these amazing free to play games thats just for

  7. Arc raiders looks like he electric state arbook

  8. You talk about exomecha without even mentioning Crysis? Come on dude literally looks like a carbon copy of that game…

  9. Lets clear this up. The Cycle is an upcoming release of a previously release game. It has been changed radically to be sorta Tarkov like. But I think it will be WAY more interesting. I played the first version, but when I got into the Beta for Frontier it was not working, so thanks Dev's all the hope to play, and none of the actual play. lol

    Seriously. If ExoMecha can fill that gap for TitanFall fans, such as myself. It's going to be a solid hit. I for one, really hope they do.

    I like Vampires and am SUPER PICKY when it comes to BRs are this point. But that Vampires one was WAY more fun than I expected. I even won my first match. Though I was a sneaky vamp! haha

  10. Cycles is already available, or at least the "first" game that looks worse, but has exactly the same gameplay and graphics style. They are probably just re-sheeting the thing to make it 2022-ready… which is both good and bad. It definitely worth to take a look.

    And yes, Paragon returns? 😀 … O well, it was good, I liked it, but what did they come up with so it could stay this time? Even the heroes are re-used – the map in the video looked exactly the same-, if updated, even.

    ARC Raiders is the one I am really rooting and waiting for, it reminds me of Defiance greatly… both the series and the games BEFORE they were ruined. I hope the developers of ARC Raiders, together with the publisher will love it as its community will and make it stay for a long time, like WoW and Warframe (just for examples).

  11. I miss the original version of The Cycle.. such a fun game, not the biggest fan of the "Tarkov in Space"

  12. Uhh that distinct UE4 clunky junk flair in some of those is not that welcoming

  13. so the first one is just a new and improved Deep Rock Galactic, or sorta looks likes it at least through the overall concept

  14. definitely waiting for arc raiders, has that EDF feel which i like

  15. This one is for all my broke homies out there!!!

  16. The cycle:frontier
    Looks like scavenger. I played scavenger and yeah. I hate battle royale. Don't want to play another br again even if pvpve

  17. Tired of regular porn? Join - 𝐃𝐀𝐓𝐗𝐗𝐗.𝐂𝐎𝐌 says:

    These look better then most triple AAA games lately these look great 👍

  18. Pc: *gets super dope game *
    Console: "heres a game for 10 year olds, go fuck yourself"
    Great. I see how it is..

  19. I just wish the cycle frontier was on Xbox, looks sick

  20. When does the game spine come out I can’t what I want to use the katana

  21. The first one sounds like Escape from Tarkov on easy mode

  22. I remember I played KartRider a while back when they released it in NA. Idk why they took it down and now they're deciding to bring it back? Weird.

  23. Hope over prime comes to console I miss paragon so much 😭

  24. Number 2 for me at least sounds like fun if I had a ps5, but the rest…meh…

  25. Uniqueness is extremely overrated, a game even if the theme is generic can be extremely fun gameplay wise if its done right

  26. Why is no one saying anything a out being "Shaggy" or Super Shaggy?🤣🤩

  27. Overprime is literally just paragon redone by these new devs

  28. Nothing is Free – Alice Cooper
    Everybody Lies – Dr. HOUSE

  29. I’m so happy to see that kartrider is finally coming out after beta testing it a few months ago

  30. Every one of these is pc lol less than half of them arent even console

  31. The first game is exactly like cycle which has to same premise

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