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  1. Corny, try Phighting, some of the classes(or what the community calls "Phighters") has guns, like Medkit has a revolver, Slingshot has.. a slingshot, Subspace has a mini subspace tripmine as a ranged weapon, Vinestaff has a staff that is an auto with 50 bullets per mag, Shuriken has an interesting mechanic with his shurikens, and theres also Hyperlaser with a mecha-sniper thingy. Go check out the game, very well polished with a unique art style!

  2. I think one of the best games of roblox in 2023 should be Guts and blackpowder. It is a nepoleonic era based zombie game(musket sabre and blunderbass type loadout) and it has pretty accurate uniforms, the graphics,wonderful maps, , in game lores and as a find addition wonderful musics . Plus the devs are really active and they are updating the game constantly with new maps , regiments events etc. Also most of the community is made of veterans of blood and iron , nepoleonic wars etc creating a healthy and fun experience . U gotta check it out .

  3. well the best roblox games are far more difficult to determine. tons of games that were put here are fps games, this doesnt count other underrated and unknown games that are hidden in the dark. if you've been updated on recent roblox content, you've probably watched siomai's video which showcased 3 underrated roblox games, which should definetly go in this list, and there are probably even more.

    also on an extra note, while i haven't played blackout myself, tons of criminality players have been criticizing it for being relatively disappointing and basically being the exact same game as crim but with slightly more mechanics that are even possibly worse than crim. people new to the genre that blackout is will not understand their full view.

  4. Day 2 of supporting samursi dog and technic builder to ask corny to shoot some guns irl.

  5. i can pick locks irl and the lockpicking in Blackout is upside down. lol

  6. 5:20 As an explanation the fnaf game wasn’t even ready for a beta, there’s actually a beta badge that was in the game but no one actually got that beta badge so I think that was an accident even after reading Scott’s statement on it.

  7. So corny will make a Video the next year 😂😂😂🎉

  8. helmet will be released in 2025 just like gta 6

  9. Why don’t try chain it’s a Relly gore game I mean

  10. Blade ball and Strongest Battlegrounds needs a honorable mention

  11. The fact that deadlines is in the thumbnail but not in the video 💀also why is corny saying in one vid that deadlines is the Best FPS, and now corny said that frontlines is the Best FPS?

  12. Great video and also Happy New Year everyone! 🎆🎇🥳🥂

  13. thanks for the spot in #4 corny!!! 🙏

    glad u were fond of it 🙂

  14. Guts and blackpowder is probably the best game on roblox of 2023. I’m lazy to explain why, check it out on your own guys. The only complain is after unlocking everything (there are very few things to unlock) and beat all the maps( there’re very few maps too), it gets quite boring( but I have played each map like 10 times tho which is a lot for a sorta story based game)

  15. Who is xbox player but can't play most of them😮

  16. Iv been trying to get kreekcraft to play Neon Knights by Blockage for so long, try it its one of the roblox games with human avatars

  17. all of these suck, if im gonna be honest, imma just stop playing roblox in its entirety

  18. nah death ball is the reason i didnt quit roblox this year tbh and ATD

  19. Моя любимая игра этого года это определенно Abyss World. В ней прекрасная музыка, приятная атмосфера. Я полюбил эту игру, я перепроходил эту игру и я рассказал вам об этой игре =)

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