Thumbelina Puzzle - Free mobile puzzle Game Tutorial for funny little boys and girls -

Thumbelina Puzzle – Free mobile puzzle Game Tutorial for funny little boys and girls

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Play this game featuring Thumbelina. Once upon a time there was a little girl. She emerged from a flower and sleeps in a walnut-shell cradle, covered with a blanket of rose leaves. Her name is Thumbelina and her mother loves her very much. One night a frog jumps through the window and he carries away Thumbelina as a bride for his son. The frog puts her on a lily pad so that she can’t escape, but her friends, the fish, gnaw through the stalk and a butterfly draws her away over the water, so that the frog can’t catch her anymore. Then a stag beetle arrives: he wants to marry Thumbelina, too! He takes her with him, but his friends at home think Thumbelina is a strange creature. “She only has two legs!” That’s why he discards Thumbelina in the woods, where she eats nectar from the flowers and the birds sing for her. But then wonter comes and the cold arrives: all the birds fly south and all the flowers wither. Thumbelina is feeling very cold and she almost freezes to death. Fortunately a swallow asks if shw wants to come with him, sitting on his back, to the sunny south. Thumbelina would love to come along with him, so she flies away with the swallow. When they’ve arrived in the south, the swallow puts her on a beautiful white flower, in a huge flower field. Thumbelina decides to have a look around and on another flower she sees a handsome boy standing. He’s just as tall as she but he wears a crown and has wings! Thumbelina and the prince get married and she also gets a crown and a beautiful pair of white wings. Now she can also fly from flower to flower! In this game you can read the entire story.

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