This Racing Game is FREE TO PLAY! -

This Racing Game is FREE TO PLAY!

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My first time playing this Free 2 Play racing game called NFS: WORLD and yes it is completely free. It has online support, kind of like an MMO, but racing. You need to level up to get upgrades and do races for money.

To connect to NFS: World servers you need this launcher:

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Processor: i9-13900K
Disc Space: 2000GB SSD


  1. Can anyone give me the link to download it

  2. The game did not fail, EA abandoned it, I've been playing this game since the open beta back in 2010 i still have some videos from back then.

  3. Does look like the free game of nfs but a little update.

  4. Mr goose can you play tōge legends on roblox?


  5. Can u pls sent me a link where u instald it man this game looks amazing i want it it kinda reminds me of underground 2

  6. The fact it's on NFS:MW map is an additional topping!

  7. Amazing game goosiest, a combination between some of my favorite titles around nfs 👍❤️

  8. Goosiest have u got any spare wheel bases, pedals, shifter and handbrake I could get of you please?

  9. what happened with monza wheels ? love the videos keep it up

  10. amazing vedio keep it up you never let me down

  11. Hi, Goosiest. I had a idea for a new video. Pls, prove some online games for mobile, for example, Apex Racing, FrLegends or Carx Drift Racing 2, but if one of the people in a server is a hater, the video ends. 😅🏎️

  12. I played it alot back in the day then EA shut it down beacuse lots of cheaters and EA was already creating new NFS so they didnt want to bother with it then team NRZ and WorldUnited kept this game alive,they removed pay2win( wich also killed the game ) they added new cars (you can buy buggati chiron,divo,lamborghini huracan,lambo centenario and many many others) the economy of XP and Money is good especially if you play Team Escape wich is alot of fun,if you want premium currency ingame (called SpeedBoost) you dont have to buy it simply finish challenges every week and earn them for free wich allows you to buy some cool cars but again these cars are just tuned not better than others you can still buy same cars with cash and tune it with normal ingame cash. Overall these guys did an amazing job also added new achievements that earn you points and prizes (green numbers on top left) the game is worth playing if you are an old player of this game like me definetly download it if you are a new player to it you gonna love it even more. Also quick reminder the game launcher has a 4 hours timer so if you play 4 hours straight the game will crash and you have to restart it it was put in to prevent cheaters from pumping up xp and money with trainers. Have fun playing it guys hopefully il see you on NRZ server also you can add me MrScheff is my nickname so we can play lower or higher class together

  13. Man, I used to play this game almost every single day since beta, it was pay to win AF, I grinded all the top parts and got some OP builds on few cars, I did almost all the achievements in the game before EA turned the servers off because they couldnt milk it as much as they wanted to, so yeah in the end Im glad I didnt spend a single cent on it, but NFS World and Battlefield Heroes was the shit back then

  14. goosiest there was a guy named trickymilk but in your last video when you were playing carx there was a guy named tricky likes milk is this the same guy in both games😮

  15. dear goosiest how do i download need for speed world ?

  16. Why did this game flop it looks so fun especially ram mode 🤔

  17. I have never played NFS World, but my favourite was the original most wanted. To hear nfs World has beed comunity launched again , fills my hearth with joy to be finally able to play it!

  18. Day 55 of asking for a drift sim setup

  19. I played this long long ago, servers were always packed. Sad to see that it ended, theres a lot of end of the world videos when they shut the servers down back in the day on Youtube. But I've know its been back since around 2016-2017

  20. I loved this game. I played it until they closed down the server.

  21. i didnt know they succeeded ????? i played this game till the last week it was on 😮

  22. Love it! Keep up the good work goose! I also have a question for you. Do you know when the next CarX update?

  23. goose. i am a former NFS:W player and i can instantly let you know you are tuning your car wrong. the best tune for a jdm car will be top tuning section aka engine turbo and transmittion shall be the best rank of green parts. and then for suspension and brakes and tires they should be the best star rank of red color. that is what you do to max out your power and speed. anyways never thought you would ever play this game so glad that you are making my all time best childhood game live up to its legacy. keep up the amazing work.

  24. ah, the good old days.. even my uncle was playing this game lmao

  25. Was playing this with my community when it first became a thing again, sadly not to many seemed interested which sucked

  26. Back in time a hugh failure and now a good game. Feel the pain and think about it.

  27. <3 World was best, probably nostalgia moves it above carbon and Most Wanted 2005 but just because memories of music and races, how me and my teen friends tried to get over lvl20 because you could play to lvl20 for free and after that you had to pay 😀 Until today, i want to buy volkswagen scirocco 😀

  28. Nfs World is just Nfs most Wanted but on STEROIDS

  29. ngl the map ,cops , cars and events here look a lot like nfs most wanted 2005

  30. Fun fact (that most people know about this game):this is need for speed most wanted multiplayer

  31. Bro it's littary need for speed most wanted map and cops

  32. I remember playing NFS world like many many years ago omg

  33. Question of the day: What is the best Free 2 Play car game?

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