This New Survival Game Is Actually Free... -

This New Survival Game Is Actually Free…

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Today I took on a new survival game with a demo out called ‘Survival: Fountain of youth’. It was… interesting. This open world game is pretty story driven and focuses on resource gathering, a lot of walking while also trying to fend off the entirety of noahs ark all at once. I struggled. If you have any survival games you want me to play for a video – let me know in the comments!

Survival: Fountain of youth –

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If you read this all you’re a legend 🙂


  1. please give us a part two. the edit of this video was funny. I really liked it.

  2. I got killed by that squirrel so many times. cant seem to time my axe swinging.
    crawl back injured to the 1st cave just to be killed again by scorpions 😅

  3. I can not wait for the full game to come out!! ive been playing this far to much for a demo.

  4. I remember playing the beginning but nothing more. Seeing your adventures probably explains that.


  6. honestly like the video but not the memes added in constantly but your doing great keep it up man im gonna sub much love

  7. I want to play this game but my setup is a laptop i got from a garage sale.💀

  8. Yes I want to see you play part 2 it looks great 😃👍👋

  9. can we have a game that is suitable for apple

  10. Definately obviously doesn't want part two *wink wink

  11. why not do a v ideo on 20 min instead THEN u dont need to do 2 vids

  12. is that a survival game or a horror game i actually jumped cause i got scared

  13. You really have to play craftopia its a fantsy survivl game And its really cool i'v been playin It for the past month And am having a blast

  14. Part 2 im thrilled to watch the part 2 on what adventure you go LOL

  15. theres a new survival game dropping today called Badlands in case you wanted to check it out looks pretty decent always love the videos!

  16. maybe if you put it on hard it turn out easy xD

  17. Fountain of Youth is a great survival game, and the whole first island is a free demo, with plenty of content, more even than most EA survival games out there right now.
    That said, you will die the first several times because at first it seems brutally hard, but once you get the hang of the game and start learning where stuff is and what things look like, it starts getting better.
    Like Green Hell on an island, but less jungle bullshit lol

  18. I've been playing this game off and on for months now and I love it!

  19. This game I like more than most of similar survival games (hold your own, keep up survival, others).
    The hunger and similar mechanics are kinda severe, especially considering working to find what you need then inventory space.
    The fkn birds especially annoying.

  20. I definitely would love a part 2 lmao that was very entertaining

  21. Im not sure but looks like this was set in mexico or somewhere in central america.

  22. Subbed and liked your channel. Made my laugh outloud. Thanx

  23. As this has not been labeled as part 1, can we have a part 1 next and after that a part 2? 😉

  24. its not free, its literally just a demo on steam. theres nothing stating the game will be free. however it is tons of fun. great video

  25. Game looks like it's made by the company who made stranded deep

  26. Part 2 now i want to hear you cry of frustration 😈

  27. Bear is fake, Les Stroud would live forever.

  28. It's not a free game, it's a playtest… as in, a demo

  29. I believe that i'm speaking on behalf of most of the viewers when i say… we want part 2 🙂

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