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This Game Is FREE!

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Symbiotic gameplay with CG! Let’s play Symbiotic and check out a fast-paced, first-person roguelike shooter where you, an escaped prisoner, stole a real monster of a weapon: The Symbiote. Fight with an evolving weapon and escape!


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  1. this game seems really fun with all the combinations you can make

  2. I remember testing this game! I love that I'm beggining to see all the games that the senoirs did this year, Sunline even appeared in my Steam featured. So cool.

  3. Game looks eh needs work great idea basically a FPS version of that phone game forgot the name

  4. I'm so used to reloading, that I pressed R and discovered, that R is actually an emote

  5. a first person roguelike, along with the SOUNDTRACKS… i love it already without even playing it

  6. I download it immediately if my comp doesn't die

  7. When old unreal meets ROR2 and have a child. Looks good

  8. taking a shot for every time CG says free game on steam

  9. I would happily watch you play through three hours of this. and for the record, I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 3.

  10. So basically tighten up controls and tweak soem settigns on items. Like grappling neds to be faster or have a bullet time type effect to let you move and reset WITHOUT everything being perfectly able to reset.

  11. "Longer videos keep the adhd viewers away" incorrect my good sir. I am adhd and I instead found myself hyper focusing on your video. congratulations. you played yourself. kek

  12. Gives me similar vibe Tower of Guns and Mothergunship. Looks like a great game, a little more polish and I could see myself spending a lot of time on this game!

  13. yoo lol im 6'2 too, but only 170, on my way to get the 200 pounds haha

  14. if the devs are here (probs not) the gun feels like it needs to have more sway

  15. Seems Super fun. For a free game seems pretty good. Hopefully it will get more content down the line!

  16. Just played a good few hours of this in a single run. Had 100+ of almost every item. Clicking once froze my game for 3+ seconds based on how many things died at once from the game sized hyper nuclear explosions.

  17. Some classmates from my game design class back in 2019 made this game. I graduated back in 2020 and they're just graduating this year and to see how they've grown. I couldn't be prouder of em!

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