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This FREE player completes our No Money Spent Team…

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  1. Jaire on my packers tt got burned then moss'd by a cole Beasley with no ablities

  2. Slouched on my couch watching the last game. 16-30 and this dude comes back? Bro I got goosebumps. Favorite madden streamer by far bro

  3. Mayz you gotta go get Quadfather and use the Journeyman strategy item, it boosts stats and gives a team chem

  4. this intro on the live was smooth asf bro lmao

  5. Mayz gatta pick up that clay matthews and Aaron Jones also Allen Lazard gets 99 speed

  6. @5:57 how does your game look so smooth compared to mine. Yes Iโ€™m on next gen

  7. If you would just read lo to hi instead of hi to lo you would probably dominate far more.

  8. Gotta get the journeyman strat item mayz. Its gives +1 speed to every player in the lineup so every packer would get +3 speed.

  9. I have a nms packers tt too if u have extra AP I would put deep out elite on Christian Watson instead of playmaker on Warrick Dunn ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ like having randy moss on your squad no cap 2:02

  10. But the fact you have a packers TT without quadfather smh your life would be soo much less stressful

  11. WOAH SHIT took me by hella surprise lmao

  12. a random og mud bone reference is not how I thought my day was gone start. idk who's worse for knowing about that me or you

  13. "Opportunities don't happen, you create them." –Chris Grosser

  14. db fire every play and packers theme team, true cheeser smh

  15. C wats is a nasty card and traits are lies because he and mvs both have drop open pass but it's never been an issue

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