They Made This Game Free To Play!? -

They Made This Game Free To Play!?

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Naraka: Bladepoint is doing a free weekend right now: ✅
Try out the new Bruce Lee Outfit and Nunchucks for yourself


  1. Hey remember the anime King's Avatar? Well, this seems similar somewhat

  2. It's official. MTASHED is only insane when he plays F2PGod or SussyNani Baka.

  3. One thing you can always bet on is 95% ADs and 5% content on the channel at this point it is not feeding my family it is feeding my city.

  4. Man not interested in any battle royale but Naraka took it differently, can't wait to play it on mobile

  5. When my PC's spec is lower than minimum requirements
    F poor life

  6. Vidoe Title: They made this game free to play?

    Actual video: Their having a free weekend.

    lol clickbaiting to get views???? lol no wonder you left the destiny community bc no one wanted to play with you. i unfortunate your channel has gone down so much

  7. damn this game is so fckn bad it hurts my eyes

  8. I'm proud to say my pc is worst than those specs

  9. Another game with terrible loot boxes…

  10. Toasters… 8gb ram…. Dam I guess my laptop cant even compete with toasters.
    and no its not time for an upgrade

  11. Too bad 99% of the lobby are bots except from those 1-2 Asian dudes with infinite +1 Ping that hopped through servers for easy wins. Ping Abuse is a big BIG issue. EU servers player btw.

  12. I now know my pc is less then a toaster though it's new

  13. if i downlaod the game is it gonna be free for ever ?

    like i can play it in any time with out paying it ?

  14. This game is totally worth it, one of the only battle royals I actually enjoy.

  15. This game should stay free to play so scummy when they did a survey before the release of the game and it was overwhelmingly for it being free yet they didn't do it on top of not changing the game model of being a free br so you have to pay for the game plus pay for skins and all that with prices as if it was a free br. I was so excited for this game but probably never gonna buy it till it goes under 10 bucks.

  16. This game would be amazing if it was a pve instead of br

  17. I love how mtashed still chills with Rick and jez , that's friendship

  18. "This game runs on toasters".. my toaster are crying rn and Im trying to calm him down…

  19. I just copped CoryxKenshin Bruce Lee collab merch and now this drops 🤔 Hmm I wonder if we'll see him in Jenshin lol

  20. Mtashed: This game runs on toasters
    Me having a worse pc that the minimum requirements : ಥ‿ಥ

  21. I don't get it… Its free from 17 to 21 Dec? And then when its over you have to purchase if you want to keep playing?

  22. If the specs for this game is considered a toaster, is my pc then just a hunk of metal?

    Jokes aside, seeing Mtashed playing and enjoying new games is a fresh experience for me and I am always down to see more variety content.

  23. Mtashed: This game is running on toasters!
    Me to my 10 years old pc: I'm sorry little one.

  24. Was playing this during the beta test and ngl, this is the only battle royale that’s actually kinda fun and the character designs are kind of nice as well

  25. Ay does anyone know if its free forever or only free for the weekend

  26. Yo dude watching u play CO-OP is a whole new level of goodness bro! More coop from u please king

  27. This game should have been free in the first place tbh

  28. by mtashed standards, my pc is apparently significantly worse than a toaster

  29. Oh wow I was gonna play it on my mobile lol

  30. It looks really good but the attack also look clunky

  31. This actually looks really cool. I'm just not into battle royale games though

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