They Made This Game Free To Play!? -

They Made This Game Free To Play!?

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Naraka: Bladepoint is doing a free weekend right now: ✅
Try out the new Bruce Lee Outfit and Nunchucks for yourself


  1. NEW PLAYERS BE WARNED-As someone who has been playing since release this game is hella sweaty after the sbmm kicks in

  2. wait, this just looks like group pvp, except it's not a mmorpg. it seems like it has very limited grind on top. it will probably end up like a repetitive pvp game. but i prefer mmorpg pvp only as that has meaning. for repetitive pvp, i only play first person shooters.

  3. 5:40: "Can we have 2 seconds, like not clowning on kids".

    …Those are all bots.

  4. someone tell him i run genshin impact on 1200*600💀

  5. i was exited until i heard the words battle royale :/

  6. Listening to them talk like it's an esport game is cringe.

  7. Who's the friend he's playing with? XD he's such a hype man

  8. I'll wait until it's completely free on Epic Games

  9. If this game was about loot and collecting characters I might be interested, I just hate battle royal to even try.

  10. Honestly the best part about destiny is the content creators

  11. ugh when i hear mtashed "selling voice" i immediately click off

  12. it's better to play more than one games instead of just sticking to Genshin impact, which obviously has nothing to do in it rn

  13. So if i download it while it's free, I'll still get it afterwards? Or it's like a trial period and I'll have to pay??

  14. I think my toaster gets less hot then my pc when running this

  15. Wait this a battle royal with micro transactions and it’s not free? Cringe

  16. Really used to watching him do genshin content but i love this 🙂

  17. wait so is this game free forever if i download now or not…

  18. Bro try to play more online games love to see it ❤️❤️

  19. Just one question!!! Can you move camera view point to be infront of character and not this shitty right side view?

  20. This game looks so good, hopefully I can get it once I get a PC.

  21. They need to optimize it better, i can run red dead 2 better compared

  22. You playing with jezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!

  23. Yo mtashed you think bout heading back to destiny? it’s pretty great Rn

  24. came for genshin to this channel stayed for the amazing content + personality of Mtashed

  25. Thats a very nice game especially since mtashed playing it XD damnn i want more variety like this one ❤

  26. Mtashed: My Grandma has an outfit like that.


  27. Will i still be able to play the game after its not free anymore?

  28. having a waifu is good but this is kinda creepy

  29. -.- if only it included ps4 too not only ps5 ugh.

  30. lol my current rig doesn't even meet minium specs wtf i can run mortal shell darks souls 3 but not this omegalol

  31. I've never been into games you have to pay to keep playing but I might really try this

  32. I saw thise game before but did not remember the name ty

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