The unsolved mystery of South Korea's missing "frog boys" | Part 1/2 | Full Episode -

The unsolved mystery of South Korea’s missing “frog boys” | Part 1/2 | Full Episode

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Five boys disappear into a mountain near their homes, never to return. We investigate one of South Korea’s most famous cold cases, as we track down the fathers of the missing boys for their account.

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About In Search Of The Frog Boys: In 1991, South Korea is preoccupied with its first democratic elections in 30 years. But in a village in Daegu, 5 fathers are facing their worst nightmare. Five young boys go on a romp in the mountains. They never return.

At first, the media is too caught up with the elections to cover this as news, and the local police treat it as a runaway case – until it attracts attention on a TV show. Soon the “frog boys” become national news. But with no credible leads, the wait turns out to be a long one.

A decade later, the bodies are found near a military shooting range. But to this day, the case has never been fully investigated.
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  1. I think the psychologist needs to see a psychologist.

  2. That's the first thing that came to mind,as soon as I heard military base and shooting range,it would be difficult for 1 person to control 5 young boys,someone from that base from that time knows something.

  3. It clearly shows there was an accidental shooting of one of the boys. To cover up the shooting, culprit killed all five. It could also be an inside job with the police. Or residents of the area.

  4. A shooting range above the pond is not even the issue. Why not put a restriction below to when people are allowed to come there. Because if people are just shooting without being aware of anyone below is really bad.

  5. I always hear the word rare or the first time

  6. If Lee Choon Jae is now know as the hwaseong serial killer after all this years. Hopefully the killer of the frog boys is found.

  7. How did a case of 5 kids take so long to be solved it’s not only one person but 5

  8. When I heard that there's a military shooting range, it gaves me an idea that it has to do with what happen to the kids. 😥 Police keep on looking/investigate in every area but not in MSR.

  9. so stupid i just wish the karma will hit each of them involved in hiding the information in this

  10. the police was useless from the start it's making me mad

  11. This made me cry and my father whom I was watching this with. I just couldn't imagine their parents' sufferings, longing for their children, hoping they're still alive–then one day you'd find out they were buried and just—ugh! They are actually my inspiration why I want to go to South Korea. I want to visit their grave or something. I feel awfully bad for them.

  12. maybe a cover up just like in korean dramas 😒

  13. 찬인이아버지… 저당시에는 젊으셨는데 할아버지가 되어 인터뷰에 응하시는게 ㅜㅜ 눈물나네요….

  14. I believe in any cases where the murderer couldn’t be found~ it’s because it had higher power hands behind it and polices definitely know it but try to hide it.

  15. When it comes to missing people, the time is the most important. If the police started searching earlier there could have been a posibility that they would've found these children. I hate it when police ignore the missing reports and find excuses like "oh they probably run away".

  16. why is no one talking about that military thing?? wtf was the whole superpower thing they pulled?? why?????

  17. Korea has a big problem with corruption and these families were let down in the most disgusting way possible. No effort. They know something and are not willing to confide the truth.

  18. What kind of sick bastard makes a prank call pretending to be one of the children?? Sometimes I really feel like an alien when I think there are "human beings" whose reaction to such a tragedy is to do something like that. And the whole development of the case is outrageous! I don't know what I would have done if I were in those parents' shoes, I am appalled by the way the authorities handled this case, those policemen should have been punished.

  19. Wait, why is the video incomplete? Did the father really bury them n his house as told by criminal psychologist? Wtf.

  20. God bless you all , Jesus loves you all only he can save u repent and turn from your sins and  jesus as Lord and saviour and you will be saved. He is the only way to eternal life in heaven once you pass away its too late ..

  21. Come here because there's new hope for this case

  22. When I was little, I used to go hunting frogs with other kids and cook frogs for snacks sometimes. Toads were often mistaken and they are not edible as they have venom in the body.
    So some knew it and others didn't but I never heard any other kids died from eating wild animals!!

  23. This is so sad those parents had to suffer from all of those tragic things loosing who u love is very very sad…. At least they are in heaven having fun.

  24. Maybe if only police reacted immediately…they could gather an vital lead & maybe if only police immediately start search the mountains…they could possibly found the boys

  25. Yes…why police didn't look to military involvement of the missing boy at that time??…or maybe they protecting the military at that time???

  26. Though I wonder what happen to that psychologist???…. did the police know why he did that??…& Who order that psychologist to creat chaos on investigation???….

  27. Why were they called the “Frog Boys?”

  28. July 2022: This was two years ago. Have they been found.

  29. I didn't understand the military super powers thing at all !! Like what ??? Did they all became crazy ? I mean it's understandable for the parents but the military officers ?? What the hell ?

  30. I pray to the Lord God Almighty that any Authorities who takes missing person for granted have their days of sufferings worst than they lost their child!!! I curse the Korean Authorities and the Psycholgist they will suffer untill they die of terrible death!
    So be it!!!

  31. Why did they forgot to check for the millitary base, and the police said its because of the cold water, but how about the kids go to the millitary base and then they actually got shoot, and then the police is making me suspicious bc why the police said that the kids die bc of the cool weather but the weather is 2.5° and they wear a warm jacket, what happend if the police doesnt want to tell the true and hide it.

  32. Polisi nya emang kocak 11 12 sama pemerintah Indonesia

  33. I find it strange somehow why the police covered up the case and strange that the military place was not checked whether the 5 sons were shot to do an exercise I feel weird looking at it

  34. It's so sad that the parents were victimized over and over again.

  35. Bro.. the fact that the
    Criminal is prolly alive till this day
    or maybe after committing the crime..
    Committed suicide
    Its just
    The criminal and the boys are the only
    one that probably knows what happened.

    And their dead now.

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