The Seven Battle Royale (The Boys) | DEATH BATTLE! -

The Seven Battle Royale (The Boys) | DEATH BATTLE!

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The not-so-heroic superheroes of The Seven go head-to-head in a battle royale!
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  1. After the Season 3 finale, Maeve blocks the baby's heat vision with her bracers (or tanks it, since she was doing that vs Homelander for a little) and proceeds to punch Butchers head off. She's pretty clearly established as the Seven #2 now power wise.

  2. sucks you insta killed the deep and flicked off a train like a bug, I'm not gonna get into the show but a train doing that would've obliterated her fists as you saw red flash and Omni man

  3. I dont think Hughie is gonna be very happy that Billy basically killed his girlfriend..

  4. There maybe a way to actually defeat Homelander in The Boys series Season 4.
    If the CIA uses Soilder Boy's DNA to make an Anti-Supe Weapon to take him out.

  5. 1. Homelander
    2. Queen Maeve
    3. Black Noir
    4. Stormfront
    5. A-Train
    6. Starlight
    7. The Deep

  6. This battel is so unlogical like literaly a building is not gonna fall like that if a lazer cut trew it

  7. You know what's more interesting
    Deadpool vs black noir
    Someone who talks a lot and someon who just can't talk

  8. Homelander: I love a good sequel.
    Omni-Man: Bloodlust intensifies.

  9. I lowkey want them to do this again with the whole crew in season 3

  10. + Romans 10:9-10 "That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved."

  11. They gave Starlight too much credit on this video.

  12. If you got a dose od Compound V would you take it?

  13. Why does billy sound like murdoc from gorrilaz lmao

  14. If Homelander doesn't win… this is a joke.

  15. This is like an episode of celebrity death match

  16. If soldier boy was there
    This wouldn't last a minute.

  17. Healthy A-Train wins in my opinion. Doubt Homelander could catch him.

  18. i have no idea what the boys is but this looks cool

  19. Fun fact:people say that billy butcher is the main villain but the real villain is homelander since he ignore saving the people from the plane,killing black noir and other stuff

  20. Well Billy with the V is almost strong as homelender

  21. technically soldier boy won but this was two years ago…

  22. We need a newer version with 24 hour compound v butcher and soldier boy

  23. Crazy how they said the deep could solo fiction but got blitzed by a train

  24. New Warriors: kingdom myths battle royale
    [Marvel earth 616 royale]


  26. Wouldn’t Atrains body also burst on impact cause they are both human bodies of the same density

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