The Return of VR HORROR w/ The Boys -

The Return of VR HORROR w/ The Boys

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  1. I saw on a add dude that's lit your getting more famous by the second

  2. I saw someone comment about how its offensive to people who are on the spectrum to make jokes about it
    I am on the spectrum (If you couldn't already tell by my pfp) and I find this hilarious. So to the person who said that, stop speaking for other people. Nobody who is on the spectrum gives a fuck lol

  3. Heres transalate :
    Familia = Family
    Loco = Crazy
    Marchvlous = Wonderful

  4. bro when it said hey google my shi went off-😭

  5. Yo Eddie I just got caught off guard when I saw you in an actual genshin impact add doing gameplay. I was actually like yo wtf

  6. This is just Eddie being a schizophrenic

  7. My God my I have a borito plz my God ❤🙏

  8. I love how they completely stop the bit just to mess with Josh

  9. Never knew i would get jumpscared by nord vpn ads.

  10. I have a question why in almost every single video there are gay jokes as a homosexual it confuses me just why?

  11. WOOOO I really miss these kinds of videos thank you so much for making these again you guys, much love!! ❤️❤️❤️🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞

  12. Juicy sounds like ree kid….

  13. Hey don't you talk about my little sister like that she hasn't even been born yet.

  14. I was visiting America and someone called me a Mexican, I’m Italian….

  15. i miss the old boys playing phasmophobia

  16. in the camp ground over one of the fences there is the actual slender man.

  17. Two red light events in 1 game is pretty impressive

  18. When Josh said he google my phone listed to him and started to search how to turn off a tv

  19. When Josh said hey google my phone listed to him and started to search how to turn off a tv

  20. Nothings better than horror VR with the boysssss

  21. Not even gonna lie because of Eddie I’ve been inspired to learn Spanish myself

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