The Original Battle Royale Game is now Free to Play! -

The Original Battle Royale Game is now Free to Play!

TBAG [Epic Gaming]
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PUBG is now free to play so I decided to check it out… ENJOY! 😀






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  1. “The original Battle Royale,” yeah but no bud lol.

  2. The graphics aren’t that bad man I don’t understand 😂

  3. Hope that pubg won't become a new Fortnite cause it is free now

  4. Das Spiel gibt es schon lange gratis, FREE for All.
    Warum du jetzt 3 Jahre später kommst verstehe ich nicht.

  5. That symbol means no squad fill. You are playing quads. Smh lol

  6. Broski nice video but can u tell me if its possible to play with keyboard and mouse in ps4?

  7. got to love the classic original games like PUBG, love it! 🙂

  8. I think the icon you pointed out is no fill means it doesn't fill up a squad for you

  9. Minecraft Hunger games has always been free

  10. Double Agent background i think a have mood for splinter cell now

  11. Tbag that means you don’t spawn with sqaud mated

  12. Bet even being free it still runs and plays like ass. Bet

  13. I don't believe the crossplay bs ..its for sure pc players are players with that USB to key part controller bs…you can clearly see a difference with players that have the xbox controller icon…the side to side movements while still locking on to players scream keyboard …I know because I've used both kb&m in games that actually have kb&m support…pubg should have given console players kb&m because there's always going to be low life cheater that cheat the system…

  14. Is it like a limited edition free download or forever.

  15. Original? We gonna forget about the old minecrcat battle Royale servers?

  16. Just came to say: this is not the original battle royale game. Fix your clickbait shit

  17. As someone who plays pubg alot I was liget cringing watching this 🤣

  18. Instead of implementing an anti-cheat or prevent bots from joining, they made it free to play. Also, the whole game has gone koreaboo

  19. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss lets gooooooooooo

  20. Is the game still filled with Chinese cheaters and bots

  21. Bruh why every game that i got like 2 years ago for like $50 free now 😭

  22. Would be nice if there's 200 players fighting in a massive map like that

  23. That's cool and all but I'm still waiting for you to be a historically accurate arditi soldier with the carcano and the bodeo and I'm still challenging you to play with the vetterli rifle, also onejediboi wants you to make a BFV worst to best end of round themes, make his dream come true

  24. Tbag its doesnt means solo it means solo vs squad

  25. It started on Arma 3 and it was always free. Clickbait!

  26. I mean the pc version is made to be slow pases and intense
    If u play mobile games u may know it's mobile port coz that is very fast paced and less intense if u are getting good lobby

    Camping in this game(pubg pc) is like pretty bad u will always find campers no matter what and people with bad anti aliasing and people with less brightness are in a major disadvantage in this game

  27. u need to select the modes to change

  28. you see at 6:16 you didnt selected your teamates from friends list

  29. I miss when "Battle Royale" was actually "Battle Royale". No anime skin, no creative mode, no stupid building stuff, no respawning, it was just about surviving.

  30. I know this is very difficult for players who bought the game. maybe someone bought the game a week before pubg became free. and this is a very difficult moment. because you could have waited a week or a month to play pubg for free

  31. You need to up your sensitivity bro, you would have had the guy in the ghillie suit at the end there

  32. Hey man vroeg me af hoe het nu met je gaat qua gezondheid enzo

  33. Still 10 times better than warzone

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