The Lost Boys: Frog Bros. - NES Hack -

The Lost Boys: Frog Bros. – NES Hack

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  1. Is there anywhere to buy the games or download patches for your rom hacks man? Like the metal Jesus, barnacles, or hot head joe? Would love to give them a play.

  2. ordered this a couple weeks ago.  very excited to get this

  3. They did a great job with that one!

  4. Oh gawd Frog Bros plz hack Double Dragon 2 or 3 into Big Trouble In Little China!

    That movie has everything needed for a beat em up!

  5. Hi,Would love to see these done. Big trouble in little china….night of the living dead '90….They Live….Fright night…..Night of the Creeps

  6. Man i would love to have this game!!! 😀

  7. pee wee big adventure, killer clowns from outer space

  8. Buffy The Vampire Slayer / Fright Night / Near Dark

  9. A TRUE Goonies game… Pirate Ship and ALL!

  10. The Last Dragon needs to be a game. But perhaps not on NES.

  11. How About Fright Night 1&2 And Night of the living Dead Ok.

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