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Did you watch our oldschool GTA videos?


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  1. Would like to see u guys play back some Mario kart but if anybody lose they would have to jump in the cold pool

  2. Used to get home from school and binge the free roam videos 🥹

  3. should definitely do gta heists for more sidmen

  4. simon should look at smii7y for gta content, its alot of free roam but with mods

  5. The gate glitch was peak entertainment back then😂

  6. i would rather watch them mess around in free roam for 20 minutes that those random maps/races

  7. The part of "That is our James Bond Car "Sounds like fucking stewie from Family guy😂😂😂😂

  8. Don't know what your on about Simon there's tons to do if you have the cash cars and right people to free roam with

  9. Been watching since 2013/14 made me happy looking back at these vids

  10. These gta videos is what i grew up with, nothing will ever be like them thank you Simon for doing these again brings back a lot of nostalgia

  11. Hes not wearing the XIX chain 👀👀👀?

  12. I mean now there’s bare heists they could do

  13. He’s clearly gonna make a star field vid (there’s an intro then starfield)

  14. I'd love to see a reaction to vanoss gta 5 funny moments

  15. This is where the sidemen started ngl can’t believe I’ve been watching them for 10 years and gta free roam was the beginning of the sidemen look at them now.
    I hope they’ll bring back gta free roam and when GTA 6 comes out

  16. Garry’s mod with prop hunt 😭😭❤️

  17. Vanoss basically made the sidemen since the "Sidemen" was made off GTA and if they didn't have any content to make off it they would of quit, but since they watched Vanoss they always had ideas to do. Vanoss once again making a big youtuber/ youtubers

  18. U missed the rap battle, which was the pinicle of sidemen

  19. My favourite GTA video to this day is JJs one traveling from 1 side of the map to the other

  20. simon even if there's nothing new in the game doesn't mean it won't still be a good video, your personalities have all evolved since then too so it would be cool to see it all these years later

  21. If y’all add mods then that completely changes the game

  22. These aren’t even the best moments there are so much better ones

  23. world war z sidemen addition will be funny

  24. Not a fake gangster accent in sight. Unlike all the modern videos. Just shows how they talk now is all an act.

  25. Why not try and do a collaboration video with GrayStillPlays, he does a lot of GTA videos

  26. the vanoss 'homage' was unexpected, 2 of my favourite yt groups acknowledging each other just seems cool

  27. Miniminter, just to let you know, you missed one of the most popular free roam moments of all time.
    The GTA 5 black or white dance in the shop 😂

  28. You guys should do the new heist and stuff that you guys never got to

  29. Actually Simone there is a ton of new stuff to do in free roam since you guys use to play it . Be for real .

  30. still remember you guys play with the american called crewniverse or something…i am that OG..huhuhu

  31. You guys you should do free roam for 10 minutes, I understand it gets annoying now since you're used to the game and it's not that exciting but do it for the STANDS😂😂😂

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