The Five Most Disappointing Games I Reviewed In 2022 -

The Five Most Disappointing Games I Reviewed In 2022

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Just talking about the five games that released this year that left me pretty disappointed.

00:00 Intro
01:20 Ghostwire: Tokyo
02:08 VtM: Swansong
03:46 Dying Light 2
04:53 Elex 2
06:27 The Waylanders
08:14 Wrap Up

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  1. The most disapointing one is… don't shoot… Pathfinder wrath of the righteous..
    not that the game is awfull. I like the NPCs, the story. But the difficulty is non sense. Way too many overpowered ennemies coupled with a really pain in the a… dice mechanisms throwing more often number under 10 or over 17 than it should. The laws of statistics are here just flouted. Making the game unplayable without quite a few rage quit when on a serie of 5+ to hit attack I got 4 misses for one hit. Kingmaker had already such a flaw but there it seems to have worsen.

    As for my favourite. Well not a discover in fact but more of a rediscovery. It"s Cyberpunk 2077. I've loved the game since day one. And the new patch 1.6 just made it even more enjoyable.

  2. Elex 2 is a disaster to the full extent. Apart from minor upgrades to a jetpack, the developers haven't improved anything. The worst elements are remaining the same: a clunky combat, bad facial animations, low performance in deeply inhabited areas, unresponsive controls, boring factions, ridiculously terrible story telling, hilarious dialogues.

  3. Ever play VtM: Redemption? I don’t recall much about other than it’s an rpg and it starts in the medieval age and then moves to “current day”

  4. Agreed with the review, but I still love Ghostwire: Tokyo, VtM Swansong, and Dying Light 2, despite it all. What saddens me was Elex 2, hoping it would be a better sequel. Never knew the Waylanders, but was bummed to hear that it could have been a new Dragon Age like game, if only it wasn't unfinished.

  5. I bought Swansong in a sale, started it and just…never went back. I love the idea of Vampire the Masquerade (and hell, even Requiem), but have only gotten to play the TTRPG once, and I've just been so disappointed the games post Bloodlines have never lived up to Bloodlines.

    Maybe someday we'll actually get VTM Bloodlines 2, but I'm not holding my breath.

  6. Why does swansong look so bad in your clips ? You had it on low ? Or they just look like raid shadow legends characters.
    Not even new characters, 3 year old Raid mobile game characters.

  7. I sadly agree with the choices of VTM: Swansong and ELEX 2. You might also be surprised to learn that I consider both Elden Ring and GoW: Ragnarok disappointments.

  8. I was disappointed with Elex 2 but it was still probably the most fun I had in a game this year. It just has it's hold on me it has everything I want in a game for the most part I was just hopeful for more from a sequel.

  9. At least 2023 cant be much worse… and so far it looks like it will be not just not worse, it got potential to be very good for gaming.

  10. Elden Ring and Pathfinder WotR for are my top 2 in 2022 (I know Pathfinder released last year but only got around to playing it this year)

  11. If you haven't checked it out yet, I'd really suggest The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk. It's not the BEST game I've ever played, but it was surprisingly good. I thought it was just going to lean on a crutch of being silly/funny, but the mechanics and gameplay were super solid.

  12. There just weren't many games that came out this year I was overly interested in and after reviews, that list dwindled to none. I've mainly just bought and played remastered games or games I had already played on console for pc.

  13. Callisto Protocol is a disappointment for sure. So much so, that Dead Space 2 is an overall better experience, and that's over a decade older.

  14. I uninstalled Dying Light 2 in a rage after about 2 hours. I wanted to fight zombies, not join an eco-utopia on the rooftops, where trees grow from concrete.

  15. I haven't been disapointed in any games I bought this year, but I'm disapointed in myself for not even making it half-way through these games.

  16. I used to complete every game I started (not 100%) but this yr was the first time I would simply stop myself becasue the games were plain boring. A lot of them are from last yr, maybe older but no other word is needed to describe the exp.

    Outer Worlds-Tried for the 2nd time and the writing is trash and the combat and world was just…boring.
    We Happy few- there is a great game here, just not this one, again boring.
    Mortal Shell- I love all the souls like clones and this was by far the worst experience. Boring in every way.
    Dishonored 2- DH1 is one of my favorites that i have played thru multiple times(keep getting jerked on the no death run) but this feels completely off. Love the world, but the story did not grab me at all.
    Control- While I like the combat and the world, the story is awful and the writing was from someone who wrote technical books for a living. Also, can remedy make a game world with somthing in it, one time, just try.

  17. I hear ya. I was hoping for much more from Ghostwire Tokyo & Dying Light 2 — I think Ghostwire Tokyo was a victim of being a PS exclusive at a newly bought XBox company — and quickly finished instead of taken to its potential. It had some great aspects — the side stories were creative & far more thoughtful than the average video game these days — but the game just seemed missing about 25% of its content.

    Dying Light was just a poorly made cash grab. Terrible writing & boring characters killed my interest in continuing to play it. Its a typical "modern" video game.

  18. Didn't play Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt? might like it for the weird monster it is. 🙂

  19. I picked up Code Vein a while back, as it was on deep sale, it has charmed me and I've been playing it for weeks now.

  20. I'm so bored and needed something until Hogwarts Legacy comes out, so I got Elex 2 on black friday sale. I probably won't finish it and still pay for a month or two of PC Gamepass for the recent games, haha.
    I would have bought DL 2 at full price if it wasn't changed to be a complete waste of time.

  21. My most disappointing has got to be callisto protocol, I was extremely excited for it, even more so with x dead space devs, but it really really fell short

  22. Sadly I disagree with this list. I loved dying light 2 and in my opinion it was far more enjoyable than things like elden ring but ya know to each their own.

  23. Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires is a masterpiece of gaming.

  24. I think the only "disappointing" game I have is this year Persona 5 for PC. The start is pretty slow so it'll take me a while to get through that to get to the AMAZING stuff.

    I gotta say that Elex 2 was a pretty positive surprise for me. The combat was so much better than the first one. The exploration felt really great. The game is really hurt by its late game. Just constantly having to spam one conversation option so you don't black out is annoying as well as the kill q0102020200 enemies.

  25. Hmm. You say mods.
    What do you think about mini-videos about your favourite overhauls and lore for your favourite games?

  26. V:tM peaked with V20!
    …that opinion is definitely nothing to do with the fact I wrote for the book. 🤣

  27. I really hope Bloodlines 2 can give some much needed life into these VtM games. I mean some of the novel/text ones are alright but they really need a good 3d game.

  28. These are truly 5 of the games of all time. 😐

  29. I HATED Swangong. Bland characters, bland story, and a pot l puzzle where you have to change a printer's in cartridge.

  30. My favorite title I've played this year is definitely GoW Ragnarok. A couple of honorary mentions for me would be Dragon Quest 11 DE (which I know didn't come out this year but I just got to) and Expeditions Rome.

  31. Definitely in disagreement with Elex 2, I think it's my favourite 2022 release. I liked that it was largely the same game at its core but with better combat, overall better visuals (though the lighting engine in situations made for strange character appearances) and maintaining the core philosophy of PB games. It's certainly not perfect though, it had a few scripting issues in dialogue when completing quests, the final acts were a bit repetitive and I think faction consequence and depth was better in the first game. Oh yeah, didn't like how they did the hotbar, too. Couldn't see how many potions I had unless I went into the radial quick bar. I liked it being partially the same map with "changes" (avoiding spoilers as to why). Returning to old places and seeing how they shifted is enjoyable, at least for me.

    Most disappointing this year for me was Songs of Conquest. It's an ok game, but I got bored of it super quick and found the magic system in it a bit too simple once you figure the nuance out. Not a bad game by any stretch, but it needs a lot more time in the oven.

    Great vid.

  32. The Waylanders is the worst game I've ever played… Ever

  33. i was sure collisto protocol would be on this list

  34. I really liked Elex 2 too. Jetpack was nice

  35. i wanted to ask you for RPG recommendation since you are the king of cRPGs that i love but i dont use FB nor Twitter so hope i will reach u here …
    looking for more SANDBOX or ENDLES oriented cRPG that has the combat/gameplay style of Divinity 2, Pathfinder, Baldurs Gate (mostly looking for spells) .. im not the person to "replay" games for different story/class etc, i want to have endgame in some sort of management (Castle in Baldurs Gate 2, Pilars of Ethernity), repeatable dungeons (Pilars of Ethernity) and repeatable content grind (Grim Dawn) … problem is that many great cRPGs are "one and done" once you finish the story there is nothing meaningfull to do
    any tips ?

  36. Well I'm loving Pathfinder WOTR and also Dragon's Dogma I know it's an older game but I just got semi recently started playing so it's new to me and I'm loving it.

  37. I disagree about them going all in on RPG mechanics for Dying Light 2. Not enough RPG mechanics to satisfy RPG fans, yet just enough to piss off fans of the original.

  38. Any chance for movie about video game review? Dungeons & dragons : Honor among thieves coming soon,

  39. I also found dying light 2 generic. Lost interest in the first hour, stuck with it for a few more but it was very forgettable.

  40. Agree but I found Elden Ring a huge disappointment. I really hate empty open words. I really feel sorry for the forsaken Waylanders.

  41. Lost Eidalons was a game I wanted to really like, but the jank and the really, really, bad UI just had me irked enough that I just couldn't finish the game and I'm not sure when or if I'll return to it.

    Shadows Over Loathing though. A simple stick figure game but I absolutely love the art style, the insane writing, and the love that's gone into it.

  42. Valkyrie Elysium was pretty disappointing as a long time valkyrie profiles fan… now I kinda wish that they would port 1 and 2 to pc and we can call it even haha. Also Calisto Protocol is gonna be another recent disappointment

  43. I think my most disappointing game this year has to be god of war ragnarok. I feel like they learned all the wrong lessons from why 2018 was such a smash hit.

  44. Even with the new role of father and the reduced time available for gaming that comes with it, I did manage to finish ME trilogy as part of my goal to complete all BioWare games (they are awesome).
    Just started Greedfall today, which will most likely time some time to get through with the current pace.

  45. Dying Light went from one of the best Immersive Sims of the decade (hidden beneath a generic zombie game coat) to full blown Soyny/Ubitrash AAA generic product. The Devs probably went the Naughty Dog route of believeing their own hype, and tried to be "taken seriously". A true tragedy.

  46. I agree with your sentiment about Masquerade games. Seems like they're afraid to develop a mechanics-focused game for some reason, so making it a narrative comes off as a cop-out solution.

  47. Absolutely agree with Dying Light 2. I find it very hard to keep playing even though I have hundreds of hours in Dying LIght 1. I feel that the RPG mechanics in the second game get into the way of the gameplay and the fun of the game. The first game didn't have these issues.

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