THE END OF AMANDA [Amanda The Adventurer #3] -

THE END OF AMANDA [Amanda The Adventurer #3]

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WELCOME, back to Amanda The Adventurer! LET’S END THIS.

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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. Be respectful. We are a community. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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  1. Try typing hamlen for help in the tape saying Wooly needs help

  2. If you want to see another game that'll make you think lore-wise, you should play Inscryption 🙂 It's a horror/strategy card game that is immersed in a conspiracy you're trying to dig up dirt on.

    This game is best played blind; do minimal research on it if you want to look into it.

  3. Plssssssss play garten of banban

  4. Is it just me or y'all hear it too the Barney song is in the background when getting the tape from the doll

  5. You forgot something u have to say no about the secret

  6. maybe pie man is that guy that hit the table for the ending, and when she was saying pie man, she was cursing the tapes with the pie man, who could be woolys boss. Which would explain why she said baa laam too

  7. cory if you didnt know that tape from the doll was the real story of amanda some people say they made amanada sign something

  8. all these theories…i’ve never been more immersed in a comment section in my life

  9. The depth and scope of “sometimes i feel myself rotting” in this context, is indescribably terrifying and I kind of want to see more on it. It would make for a really compelling Black Mirror episode.

  10. There is a sixth tape it does exist it’s blue but only certain YouTubers obtain it through early access by the creators giving it to them Cory you should look it up and let us watch it

  11. The binary says if you are reading this i can see you

  12. Who else knows what the words mean in the beginning glitch it’s “I don’t have much time” “request” and “this is the last chance”

  13. My birthday March 9, 2002🤣😂that kinda scared me


  15. Corys secret code at the begining was Japanese and Binary with most binary being reversed, it said 'If you are reading this' 'Leave Now' 'I can see you' 'This is the last chance' 'Please' 'Dont have much time' (video of amanda plays and the only binary writen the write way round says) 'Can you see me'. From the way its done it looks like 2 people are talking to us like Amanda and wooly, with one talking in Japanese, while the other in Binary. The One in Japanese alone says 'Leave now, this is the last chance. Please, don't have much time', binary says 'If you are reading this, I can see you. Can you see me'
    This took a sec to do XD

  16. "Spooky Scary Sunday" be more like "Spooky Scary Monthly*"

    Haha, get it? ….

  17. When h plays the notes on the piano the music reminds me of bagpuss that show from like 100 years ago

  18. When Amanda's is says can I tell you speak secret you can put in sam

  19. Hey Cory I had searched up what sigils is they are some sort of witch symbols big fan btw

  20. This is the binary code at the start of the video:

    1ST STRING: siht gnidaer e:a uoy fi (translates to: if you are reading this)
    2ND STRING: uoy ees nac I (translates to: I can see you)
    3RD STRING: can you see me

    I don't know what the Japanese means, I'm too lazy to figure out, so yeah. Hope this helped

  21. I heard that it was demon names that was pronounced and was releasing them

  22. If you play amander on the peaiano you will get a key

  23. The pie man stuff is names of demons ( pie man = paimon) thats most likely why there is a headphone man he prob is a demon they summoned

  24. You could try doing the hamln theame into the piano

  25. There is a 6th tape, It is found in the game files, It is titled “Clip_Secret_Tape”

  26. To get the 6th Tape , You need the Debug Menu. The whole tape then shows Wooly sitting at a Table in an empty room. At the end it looks like he’s gonna have his own show.

    This might be real or fake , I saw it on the internet and Google.

  27. I haven’t finished the video yet, but maybe the different ending are ways younger viewers have gone missing (being butcher meat, caught and/or killed by monster Amanda, and the possessed TV)

  28. What if the man that came out the window was the director

  29. there is actually a 6th tape, though it is only available if you use hacks and stuff to get it. ( i think you can also get it if u are a beta tester)

  30. To clear up confusion wooly has a secret tape you have to find but idk where it is

  31. Remember the digging episode from a few months ago? I think that whole thing was Rebecca trying to find her corpse to escape or something. That’s why Wooly interrupted her, so she wouldn’t find her body. Then Amanda went all psycho and got rid of Wooly, so Hameln made a new, updated version of Wooly, and took Amanda away from that place. Wooly tried telling us to burn the tapes, but Rebecca is clearly stuck inside the tapes, so if we burned the tapes, Rebecca would die. So instead of just digging and finding her corpse, she got distracted and tried to stop Wooly. Just a theory, though.

  32. What if the dead body marks in one of the episodes represent the people that disappeared or that have died.

  33. The man is actually Rebecca dad many YouTuber gets that ending sam

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