THE BOYS Season 3 Episode 7 Spoiler-free REVIEW: Back Stories and Revelations Are Incoming... -

THE BOYS Season 3 Episode 7 Spoiler-free REVIEW: Back Stories and Revelations Are Incoming…

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“The Boys” is a superhero series starring Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Dominique McElligott, Jessie T. Usher, Laz Alonso, Chace Crawford, Tomer Capon, Karen Fukuhara, Nathan Mitchell, Jensen Ackles, and Claudia Doumit, airing on Prime Video.
This video is a spoiler-free review of season 3 episode 7; I was given press screeners of season 3 and it’s great so keep watching it!

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  2. I love your videos and how honest you are in your reviews, I have watched this ep already, and I know exactly what scene you were talking about regarding Ackles/Soldier Boy, as someone who is a Jensen fan, many of us were expecting something truly awful like a sexual assault scene, or SB killing a kid in a brutal way, someone from minorities groups, or even even f*cking someone's dead body (Jensen is a very sweet man, so many of us thought that these things would really trigger him, especially because he stands up for injustice, there's stories from his school years of him protecting people who were getting bullied), but sure as hell I wasn't expecting what happened, that robe lol by watching some interviews, I think the scene probably was more graphic and Jensen felt uncomfortable and they adapted to make things better for him?

  3. The Deep's wife is more toxic than Homelander.

    She's gotta go.

  4. Don't tell me Frenchie and kimiko decide to be completely platonic.

  5. This season made me appreciate Kimiko and Frenchie more than I have before. Honestly they are the most tragic characters in this show. Kimiko was forcibly given Compound V and forced to become a weapon and also watched her brother get killed by Nazi superhero. And Frenchie…cheese and crackers this man's life sucks. Like it's just terrible. I hope they get a happy ending cause at this point I think Kripke is just finding unique ways to torture them

  6. Ma'am your reviews are so good. I'm new to your channel, but already became a fan of yours. So much to learn from you!

  7. The Deep hasn't added anything major to the story since season one. I know they like the actor, but the character needs to go. He's just taking up screen time that could go to someone else.

  8. Yes please, Meg Ryan needs so much respect. I also don't get the show runners obsession with The Deep, like yes it's funny how they just dunk on this absolute loser but it's not adding to the show at all. I appreciate Chase Crawfords performance but I do wonder how much is performance and how much is just his general bland white guy energy. Yes that's shady but given the bad takes I see week in and out on this show I'm kinda done mincing my words.
    Love your stuff as always Lady, you're the only person I consider having worthwhile opinions week to week.
    Not surprised they're bungling the anti-imperialist shit, they showed their skulduggery with the Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis cameos. We shouldn't be forced to look at CIA and NFT shills.
    See you in the spoiler review, hope your week is okay given the absolute mess that is the US this week. Sending love and good energy.

  9. i like your reviews. Especially if you tiptoe around stuff and especially thank you for the extra Jensen information

  10. I have a sarco pod appointment in 2 days. Can you tell me what happens in episodes 7 and 8 somewhere private? That is my only wish for the time left on this world. Of course, I would totally understand if you weren't legally able to. Keep up the great work even if I'm not here to see it 👍

  11. someone tweet that Meg Ryan shoutout to Jack Quaid so he can put a word in

  12. I can already guess it's Jensen Ackles completely naked for like 30 minutes, big d dangling around like Termite in the first episode…

  13. Ugh. Why can't Amazon release the entire season at once? I'm having withdrawals after last week episode 😬

  14. meh I haven’t had any issues with the political commentary. It reminds me a lot about South Park.

  15. I've come to disagree totally with your take on the deep; what used to be an annoying character has become the comedic highlight of the series (that scene of him escaping the wreckage caused by soldierboy with his squid in a bag). The characters that should go: Ashley (if going by annoyance/not great acting) or Kimiko (amazing actress, but doesn't fit in at all in this series. That musical scene in the hospital is the most close i've been to stop watching).
    And also; great job not spoiling anything, but still managing to put out a review!

  16. Please make a Review of amazon's TV show The Terminal list! 😍💙🙏

  17. Oh god, they are going to act like Starlight is Hillary, aren't they.

  18. I was on board with The Deep in season 1 & 2 because he brought the much needed comedic moments to counter balance the dark drama. His story has always been separate from the main story but I did not mind because I understood his story arc. Not understanding what his story arc in for season 3 – if it does not reach a point then even the comedic moments are not worth it.

  19. I like MM and Kimiko. And I hope Huey learns not to become a bully

  20. All I can say is the female and frenchy die in the building they blow them up the butcher is the villain at the end kills off everybody of the boys I hope they don't go that route that's how it ends in the comic book Huey kills butcher and him and starlight moved to Scotland everybody else dies homelander kills Queen mave black noirs the clone of homelander we know that's not going to happen in the show but all I can say is the female and Frenchie they die both holding hands in the building that they're working for right after mother's milk dies when butcher puts a grenade in his mouth butcher kills the boys he messes with Rainer in season 2 you're never going to stop killing superheroes I know they're going to go for six seasons I hope it doesn't end this way but it looks like you're going that way spoiler warning

  21. I honestly don't know what the point of the Deep is anymore, just make starlight kill him already

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