the boys play fall guys -

the boys play fall guys

The Boys
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  1. watching this vid hile wresling my small dog

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  3. Has anyone saw that Mully Qualified 4th and his shirt has 4?

  4. This should be called "The boys get drunk on camera "

  5. Mully: this is rigged
    Next spin: mully
    Mully: let’s go

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  7. Josh f U narrator

    Me realizing he's wearing your narrators merch

  8. Don't talk crap about American's because I'm American

  9. Eddi said that the more he drinks the more he talks spanish i cant imagen what he days😂😂

  10. Juicy- just let me cross

    That's what Eddie says everytime he sees the wall

  11. The fact that josh is wearing narrators merch is 🤌🤌🤌

  12. Just appointed cell did anyone not see big juicy smoking T-T and not even going to share

  13. I like how half this video is just Juicy screaming

  14. Eddie had josh merch josh had narrator merch

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  16. Mully talks the most trash but like lost so early 😂

  17. 2:07 was the funniest on Jody just turning into Robby looking face saying run u dirt little shit

  18. " the more i get drunk the more i speak spanish " lmfao

  19. I'm like narrator and Joshdub mixed together but as a kid

  20. The end of the video Eddie looks like he's enjoying drinks because he said to narrator he wanted him to win well at least it looked like he did because he said I want more tequila

  21. Ik this is an old video but yall should do another one of these but yall can't have any chaser after yalls drink

  22. Josh: wears Your Narrator hoodie merch
    Also Josh: f**k you Narrator

  23. Did anyone else see juicy vaping near the end of the video?

  24. So no one talking about how josh called his character a “dirty s1ut”? LMAO

  25. Eddie when narrator is about to win : come on narrator i want some more tequilaaa
    Narrator knows he's fucking drunk:😬 umm ok am coming am coming.
    Some seconds later eddie: the more i'm drunk the more i speak Spanish 😵

  26. If you guys hate cats then I can’t watch you guys anymore because I want animal the animal I love most is cats and yeah I do like your guises video song where it’s like no no don’t touch me there yes I am six years old but you can except me I’m going to say the guy can go in to watching your gear you’re gay videos

  27. I know Im not the only one who watch the boys vids when you're sad :<

  28. Alternative title: poisoning our bodies for views

  29. Mully: gets eliminated
    The Boys: Mully got eliminated he has to drink!

    Mully: NO that’s not part of the rules….

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