the boys play dead by daylight -

the boys play dead by daylight

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  1. Did it bother anyone else that nobody used any of their abilities or items?

  2. When you ask your boys the controls n the leave 2 die shows who they are really.

  3. Eddy looks just like in real life😂😂

  4. Don't ever take the chance of getting off the hook if you ain't running slippery meat

  5. Mully: "Gets off the hook"

  6. Mully: I'm not a bottom

    Also Mully: I will suck you off if you help me.

  7. Breaking someone’s heart is as easy as throwing a rock in the ocean. You never know how deep that can go.. …

  8. Hillbilly fits juicy so well dude I was dying 🤣

  9. Your Narraters character looks like like Leon from resident evil

  10. I like how no one helps Lilly yet milky saves his friends like they’re his familia

  11. My favorite streamers and my favorite game must be my birthday 🙂

  12. We need more boys playing dbd! I rewatched like 5times please I need more

  13. We need more dead by daylight videos😂👍

  14. Cool video bro keep it up and also bruh moments

  15. mully hid in the locker and josh went past him then looked back i put that on replay for hours and laughed soo hard

  16. Ur not supposed to "Attempt to Escape" the hook because it's only a 4% chance and if you try it and fail you'll make your health go to half. Once you health reaches half on the hook you'll enter stage 2 of being sacrificed and be closer to death. DON'T LET YOURSELF BE HOOKED A SECOND TIME CUZ THE 3RD TIME IS INSTANT DEATH!!!!

  17. Love the vids Lol!!!!😁❤️🤣😂

  18. if only it was real lobbies they would be dead within seconds

  19. "THERE HE IS!! THEY TOLD ME WHAT YOU DID YOU SON FO A B****!!! ILL CUT YOU ALIVE BOY!!" was the most terrifying line I ever heard ;-;

  20. I've played for 3 years and remember the old loading screen and in the new version it's still there but on Xbox one its
    1:51 that is one hooker

  21. 2:45 The sound when Josh runs around the corner saying "I promise it won't happen agai-", turns and his character is like "wait he's in there" got me snickering

  22. do you guys know about perks and items and addons and offerings this game is fun if you know how to play and loop

  23. The funniest thing was that Eddie said im not hiding in the lockers then he went to hide in another locker then Josh was like what he did not pass the locker he went in the locker then he grabbed him then i was laughing so hard

  24. Am I the only one that doesn't like Juicy? He can't make jokes, so he does nothing but resort to screaming and thinks that's all he needs to do

  25. When you do something quickly then the killer will know were you are

  26. You can stand the killer by dropping pallets onto the face

  27. You can heal without a med kit you need the perk self care

  28. I wonder why they've not played together since XDDDDDDDDDD

  29. I’ve played this since it first came out and I don’t even scared 16 by the way.

  30. How in the hell did he get the 4% chance to get off the fucking hook?

  31. Eddies character looks just like him irl

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