The Boys Overnight at The Conjuring House -

The Boys Overnight at The Conjuring House

The Boys
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  1. 4 is referring to the soldiers in the walls

  2. while you guys were in the basement using the spirit box you heard the scratching and stuff behind you, also the spirit box saying "let me out" apparently there's a girl that's trapped in the well called the "crooked lady" or something along the lines of that

  3. 1:03:34 when she said “go into the woods” my heart dropped, if it wasn’t obvious they are are talking to a trickster spirit, it definitely is now.

  4. Imagine if they made a conjuring house map on phasmaphobia
    It would be sick and smashing poops himself and doesn't even know what the conjuring is

  5. Its must suck ass to be trapped in a house for all of eternity and it kinda makes me sad

  6. 1:02:28 Legit proved that a rosary bead protected her from these spirits. That's actually crazy, like wtf

  7. In the henry room when the ball went off a go henry ad came up 💀💀

  8. Its really surprising how Colby and Sam got "Beelzebub" and other such horrible premonitions whenever they tried to talk to whatever is down in that basement. It continuously kept telling them to go to the woods and find out, come out here and you'll see, and it gave such cryptic answers. But with the boys, its giving a different name/persona knowing that they would not know much about its interaction with sam and colby. It just leaves me with an uneasy feeling. Its behaving like a friend to them because ig it thinks that the boys won't do any real damage to it. Its trying to gaslight them by being "emotional" and saying that "it will cry". If you look closely at a certain video by sam and colby, you can see a dark figure move in the basement, they also get locked in the basement amongst other malicious things. Maybe its trying to be nice to the boys thinking that will manipulate them into following it because the violent approach it took with sam and colby just ended up with them saying a prayer in the basement and practically performing a low class exorcism of sorts.

    anyway thanks for coming to my ted talk 😉 stay safe and leave this stuff to the professionals <3

  9. 30:10 isnt 5:30am when the beds would shake in this house or am I thinking of a different time and place?

  10. I love how polite Narrator is to the ghosts in every horror movie yet.

  11. PD: Are you gonna go into the woods?
    eddie: NAH-
    *cuts to them going into the woods*
    shits hilarious LEMAO

  12. 52:58 they said they can't hear anything throught the head phones but Molly was wearing the head phones and responded to josh

  13. This is so much better than when sam and colby did it

  14. The ghost's are surprisingly non racist to eddie

  15. Alternative title idea: the aussie, the mexican, the viking, the idiot and the mr beast-look-alike spend a night in la casa de conjuros

  16. The second I almost got to the end my phone’s battery percentage was glitching

  17. After Mully had to piss one second later I had to piss lol 😂😂

  18. there was somthing in henrys room like a face that no one saw

  19. Bro i was listening to a beautiful song called the lost soul down x lost soul and i scrolled down and saw this and im like YES. 💀

  20. The dolls are called ragidy Ann and ragidy Andy

  21. Did he rlly open the cupboard and take the doll out cuz if so that is how sam got attachments thts how people get attachments pushing their luck it may seem funny but u could be messing with stuff u dnt understand mully this stuff can actually touch and hurt u

  22. Rare footage of eddie saying goosebumps and not chicken skin

  23. found the boys thru snc and i'm so glad i did! loving the content

  24. Bffr I know they gonna run and leave the pizza outside if they know about the house😭

  25. Nah bro I’m actually bout to cry my phone was at 13% when they started to talk about the battery and then i check it’s at 51%

  26. I feel the spirits really felt and used Eddie because maybe one of the ghost's kids was very similar to him, maybe how he acts or talks.

  27. To me, when they were attempting to talk to Henry I believe they might have interrupted 2 spirit's conversations. Arguably from Henry and someone who was probably older named Jeff.

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