the boys go to a cursed playground… -

the boys go to a cursed playground…

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  1. Finnaly more vr content in the main stream

  2. I say mully plays skyrim vr with mods

  3. No no don't touch me there this is my no no square

  4. How at the end they were like hold me josh and he's crying 😂

  5. The boys screaming because some guy got impaled:
    Eddie: "Haha idiot"

  6. That was awesome! I would love to see you guys do more scary vr! I’d also love to see you guys do more gta!!

  7. I didn't even realize I was on Mully's channel, all the boys have blended in my mind by this point-

  8. I was almost done with my challenge to not see dark deception for a whole year but the clown from dark deception is in the thumbnail

  9. 0:10 Mully's fckin scream is the best 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. after rewatching their old vr horror videos i am so happy they finally made another one!

  11. I know that clown in the thumbnail Thats from Dark deception

  12. I Really Wanna Know What To Know What The Map Is- It Looks So Spooky And I Love It-

  13. Just got a Morgan and Morgan ad. Mullys victims probably need Morgan to help in their court case against mully. Lmao

  14. Yes. I've missed the VR content so much. Please keep going, so great!

  15. At the beginning of Joseph video he spoke to soon 😂😊👍❤️

  16. is this a part 2 from dont go into the smile room

  17. I miss the boys doing VR all the time. Where is my smashing at??

  18. We sitting here wondering what game they’re playing on VR chat😢😢

  19. I just posted a funny backrooms video 😂❤‍🔥

  20. Bro freaking 8:18 josh scared the freak outa me idek why lmaoo

  21. Rule one don’t look back just run for your life

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