the boys go to a cursed playground… -

the boys go to a cursed playground…

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  1. Rule one don’t look back just run for your life

  2. The boys doing VR again cuz they fell off

  3. What is this vrchat map called? I wanna tickle my fear bud.
    Edit: come on people, stop teasing me and give me the map name, my fear buds are having withdrawals.

  4. Doing this game scared me but I beat it so I was proud of myself

  5. i love like the 3 are having fun but mully's SCreaming his head off rn

  6. I literally just played this game tonight with one of my friends XD

  7. Is it just me or does this remind you of dark deception

  8. the smile room is such a good game i played this with my bf and 4 of our friends and it was so fun

  9. its funny how i played this like 2 days ago and i picked the ??? and then i got stuck

  10. Love these videos there’s just too much cussing to watch more with the family though 😭

  11. I craped my self cause i watched this with my vr set

  12. Help me hit 50 followers on Twitch I'm new to streaming and putting out videos everyday! Dark Souls mostly but i do play Warframe and God Of War NG+. Once i get a desk set-up there will be a lot more to COME!!

  13. When you choose a map that looks kind for your freinds but instead traumatized the entire group 😂

  14. ……😂.
    💪🟡 💪
    🦵. 🦵

  15. What's the VR chat room? I'd love to check it out myself. Also… this was hilarious.

  16. I just released thousands of kids from my testicals

  17. I’m scared!!!! I’m alone and the lights are off!!! 😢😢😢

  18. I cant find this game i would love to play it eith my friends but i know im the one who is the most scared byt makes jokes and laughs at everything👌

  19. Bro this bot on almost everyone’s comment

  20. For some reason, Funny the clown reminds me of sunny the daycare attendant from FNAF SB.

  21. i just played that the hide and seek was scary


  23. Milky would know a thing about beating wemon

  24. it's
    like fnaf security breach and poppy playtime chapter 2

  25. They choose the right room for mully the one with rainbows!

  26. Ah yes, a couple.of grown men playing vr horror games and getting heart attacks

  27. “It’s the end!” The wall: SMILE ROOM

  28. these boys r the funnist of all the people

  29. What's the map called I would like to know so me and my friends can play

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