the boys get detention -

the boys get detention

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  1. 2:57 blind people can dream but since they have not seen anything in their lives (obviously if they are blind) they dream with tastes, smells and sounds

  2. 4:55 As a spanish, i like very much the: “and this a wall is of illegal aliens, and look theres 1 right there
    -hey, cabron, pinche gringo quien te chingados te crees wey” made me laught so hard.

  3. Recent research suggests people who are blind, from birth or otherwise, can still experience visual images in their dreams. But only people who became blind after birth can experience colored dreams.

  4. 1:26 duuuude they're looking for you from that one time at k mart

  5. 5:00 Juicy:And look there is one right there
    Eddie:* cursing juicy in mexican*

  6. "You get the bottom lip, I get the top." Iconic.

  7. Bro not going to lie but what juicy said "if a mother dies in birth do you press charges on the baby" i thought of that while i was in a shower then i watched this qnd im like wow i hqve the mindset of a fucking retard

  8. 2:50 “If your wife dies of child birth, can you press charges on the baby?”

  9. lol my black friends and white friends LOVE YOUR youtube channel we will forever stay subbed and support you

  10. 5:49 in the video right. My class just goes up to our teacher and just say: I'm going to the bathroom.
    Then we just leave.

  11. Blind people can dream but they can be different side than other people apparently I searched it up on Google

  12. Yes blind people dream is it different than others see it I searched it up on Google so it is true

  13. I love the atheist joke Josh, keep up the awesome stuff

  14. Eddie just looked at the gun and then just shot a barrage of bullets

  15. The mexican part is so good and funny 😂😂👍👍👍👍

  16. Patiently waiting for a RussianBadger & freinds collab

  17. Is no one gonna realise their in South park elementary

  18. No no don’t Touch me there this is my no no square

  19. These are illegal aliens: Mexicans
    There's one right there
    Oi coron

  20. “That’s correct, you get a trip to see the almighty” shoot your friend in the fucking face

  21. I did ask Google and find people can dream you can ask Google by yourself I swear Josh Josh you could ask Google just going to ask it will show that I'm not lying blind people can dream I'm not blind I blind but find people kin dream

  22. Is it just me or does josh look like a combination of Dan Tdm and Jack sucks at life?

  23. he may have a good voice acting of herbert but i have a good impresion of stewie,peter,lois,kermit,cleaveland and toad but more kermit

  24. Bro juicy really pulled a steve harvey with the "ok, listen" XD

  25. Use my comment as the like button

  26. If you get band look on ridit memes

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