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‘The Boys’ Comic Was Kinda Terrible

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Okay well not terrible. But it is compared to the show. ‘The Boys’ comic and show go in two wildly different directions. Two different experiences. If you read the comic you know what I’m talking about. But if you didn’t, well, this video should give you an idea.

I liked the comic in my first reading. It’s just on retrospect, and how good the show has gotten, that looking back on it leaves me with some opinions.


00:00 Introduction
01:07 The Show And Comic
04:04 Edge For the Sake of Edge
08:45 Compound V and Power Dynamics
11:15 The Show Improves Homelander
12:59 The Ending


  1. The show is actually insane for making something so good out of eh like they decided to pick that property that no one ever heard of and is not very amazing and now many peeps is like, the boys SEASON 4 WHEN

  2. Garth's writing prowess (or rather lack thereof) is pretty transparent in the comics. He made every superhero a piece of shit person for the sake of making his personal distaste seem semi-reasonable. The man had strawmanned people that don't exist.

  3. The Boys comic's writing is on par with Paradise PD's, the only difference is that the former is meant to be taken seriously.

  4. The comic had a few good ideas, but it makes the mistake of thinking that being darker and edgier automatically makes it better.

    Ennis hates superheroes, but instead of satirically mocking it, like the show does pretty well, he decided "fuck that, I'm just gonna make everyone a fucking twat".

    The creator of Invincible has much more respect for the material he's making, and that comes through in the comics, which can be debated, are better than the show (for now).

    Whereas with The Boys, I don't know anyone who prefers the comics.

  5. To be fair, Garth Ennis was a man who witnessed the wars in Ireland.

  6. The Show : The dillema on the thoughts on what makes you human.
    Heroes don't always wear capes. And those that do aren't heroes, but the monsters themselves.

    The Comic : Humanity just sucks. Same with superheroes in general. Did I mention I hate superheroes?

  7. I don’t know why people on the internet feel the need to constantly bitch and moan about superhero media being “oversaturated”. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

  8. I've bought the first 15 volumes to see how they are even though they seem bad. I'm gonna try to read them with an open mind and without thinking of the show to much because compared to the show the comics are sweaty dog ass but maybe their decent on their own without comparing it to the show

  9. the boys is kinda like if superheroes were real i mean in real life if there were super powers no one will smile and say I love humans no people love be powerfull

  10. The show is so much better in every single way

  11. Honestly the boys's unsubtly is what I love about it. It comes from a place of honesty and knows it wont appeal to everyone. Its like a friend telling a private joke.

  12. Hey Pointless hub, I just wanted to say that this was a good video and I hope you are doing well! But I just saw this video https://youtu.be/D8pNQulytkM And after watching that, it really made me change my opinion on it. I’m just curious what your thoughts are on it?

  13. I agree with you on all except the end. The comic's plot twist is, imho, one of the best aspects of the comic and does a good job of portraying Homelander both as a genuine tragic character but also as a comic sort of one. As you say, he has a shitty childhoot, shitty adolescence, responsabilities and missions from Vought who denied him a life while using him for the uniqueness of his strength. But he's not a shitty supe immediately, he tries doing some good, tries to please Vought, etc. Then the pictures come into his life and he becomes completely insane and gore-y. Garth likes classic Superman, and spins him quite handely ; Homelander's born out of a tube, is raised with a nuke chained to him and knows nothing about a loving home, is propulsed to celebrity by a corporation BUT remains heroic because that's where Clark's true superpower was. You add the pictures – and even Superman cracks.
    Then at the end, it reveals itself to be a joke. Surprise ! Guy we never saw without his mask is actually a clone. It's not a stupid idea – a clone would be a very real possibility of the best failsafe against Homelander – but it's at the same time the stupidest of ideas, an idea only Vought could have – protect yourself if alpha supe goes rogue by using a clone of said alpha supe. I find it being silly and realistic at the same time, in a way that the comic should have been troughout its existence, besides it being an unexpected twist.

  14. The Boys comic is amazing so is the show

  15. I really want Linkara to review these comics.

  16. The Boys TV show came at just the right time. Disney has Avengers in it's hands and started making atrocious products with the IP, they didn't even try to make anything near as good as Avengers Endgame or Thor Ragnarok. They made crappy TV shows that appealed to the majority of 14 year old twitter girls. Vought is basically if Disney's behind the scenes was shown to the public.

  17. saint garth ennis is waging a crusade against pagan gobbledygook superheroes, i can respect that

  18. so basically the boys tv show is the reddit version of the comic

  19. the TV show is just a politically corrected for modern audiences version of the comic

  20. One thing I don’t understand is how Garth made us hate those heroes by making them either a racist, a rapist or a lunatic at every turn. Yeah sure, those can worked and we hate those type of people. EXCEPT, he used it so many times that it gotten old and is implying that most ‘heroes’ in The Boys is some apostles from Berserk in disguise. And that actual good heroes almost don’t exist at all. And even if they did, chance are he would make them pathetic. Clearly he didn’t know how to make the villains.

  21. Haven't seen the show so I have no opinion in it. But for the comic it always felt like there was a cool concept and world there, but it was handled in a childishly edgy way. Sometimes it showed "restraint" and it kind of worked but most of the time it went so far off the edge that it became *almost* funny.

  22. I don't think the boys was necessarily bad, just intended to be a release for Garth to get his frustrations out about super heroes. The remake by Amazon was taking the concepts of shitty people as superheroes and really fleshing it out.

  23. Good video, also I could’ve sworn you used the soundtrack/score for shadow the hedgehogs dr. Egg man castle stage. Talk about good childhood nostalgia there ❤.

  24. Honestly, although the comics suck, the fact that Homelander didn't kill Butchers wife will hurt the show in the long run.

  25. I'm convinced that the writer of the comic has a stash of bodies including babies in his basement, gathered on Halloween nights.

  26. 4:08, ok Capitan America is cool but…
    …Did I just see Hauptmann the Reich or something?

  27. Oh thank God I found this. I read the comic years ago and it was dreadful.

  28. Wow, i had no idea that garth ennis was such a petty cunt about super heroes, or atleast he comes off as such

  29. Garth woke up one day, looked at Injustice and said "I can make something even better. Superman, but instead of being a grief-stricken alien who wants absolute control… He's… just evil. Yup, that's the story!"

  30. The only thing the comic does well is showing off how if random people get superpowers, it's pretty likely that a lot of shitty people would as well. You're more likely to see some ghetto thug or alt-right/far-left extremist get powers than you would somebody who wants to uphold whatever particular set of values you care about.

  31. ‘The real cool guys, the military industrial complex’

    I mean, he did start on war comics

  32. I can probably agree that show version is at least better, but when it comes to adaptations of great fantasy stories, The Wheel of Time is obviously not one of them. Hated that it butchered most of the characters and barley developed our protagonist. Way to go Amazon.

  33. The only thing I’m jaded towards is rotten tomato scores

    That stuff is inaccurate garbage and Elon need to buy that like he bought Twitter and put actual criticism professionals in management so that directors don’t make more turd 💩 movies after listening to those reviews and rating scores

    Also a clock work Orange is such a seriously messed up film and the writers and directors should have been put in an Assylum for coming up with that

  34. The Boys tries to do social commentary on homophobia, but like a lot of social commentary on prejudices written by people who don’t experience them it’s kind of garbage.

    Nobody in the main cast of heroes is queer, the two main leads are openly homophobic, and weaponize societal homophobia as part of their crusade against super heroes. One might defend this creative choices by arguing that portrayal is not endorsement but that is undermined by the fact that this entire comic is nothing more than a self-insert power fantasy.

    It’s not social commentary on casual homophobia it’s just casually homophobic.

    It’s right up there with Waychmen’s social commentary on Homophobia by having Silhouette be killed out of the Minutemen and then killed along with her girlfriend for being lesbians.

    Though I would say Watchmen is less insulting because it’s actual social commentary and not self insert power fantasy,

  35. I remember seeing a video about a confrontation between Homelander and his boss in Vought that took place in the comics and I think it relied solely on people who watched not reading the comics

  36. i just hope the boys show doesnt shit itself like several shows.

  37. This guy has literally skimmed over almost everything to make it look like shit. Read more thoroughly next time

  38. The guy that wrote “crossed” wrote something with gratuitous violence and little to actually say? I’m shocked!

  39. i'd like to add one thing ,while it is true that the show improved homelander,it isnt all the writers, In my humble opinion its antony starr who brought the character to life with his phenomenol acting.

  40. I hope the ending for the show will be better and different than the comics, and instead of the Boys blowing themselves up at the end like in the comics, the Boys in the TV show decided to disband, retire and went their separate ways.

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