the boys become furries -

the boys become furries

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  1. I'm glad that I'm not a furry. Funny video 🤣

  2. I don’t like the game but I do like games I like is rec room rec room is so fun I made a lot of friends and I am if you want to join my friend group mine it’s funny how you know I have a red dress and I have and I’m black and I have orange hair and it’s what is it called a braid things so if you want me to be your friend go download rec room it’s in my comment and it’s free go get it free

  3. Alternative tittle: boys started using twitter

  4. Josh always uses the tallest avatars even know he's short in real life

  5. I'm pretty sure I might have a mental illness but Juicy's avatar is kinda turning me on

  6. As a furry,
    Im too busy laughing to be offended-

  7. i for got that josh was a dear i thought he was a fox

  8. Bro juicy spitting facts when he said if furries are animals then they should be hunted like animals

  9. You tried but fail to kill me due to your own incompetence

  10. Narrator can change his voice it's very impressive

  11. Joshdub whyyyyyy dont be like me the hate isnt worth it

  12. I love murder the ad sounds so great I’m gonna download the game right now!

  13. I am now six minutes and three seconds in and I want to kill myself

  14. I'm pretty sure that you know what I'm no gonna say it

  15. It’s actually a requirement for furries to take showers once a day. And yes Josh it gets really hot in a suit. When I get mine (if I ever do 🥲) I’m gonna install a small fan.

  16. I wish to know what the apartment map is called.

  17. I wonder if these guys ERP….. I feel like they do…

  18. This is what made me a furry

  19. mully: the guy who is too into his movie role
    juicy: the guy who is always high in the movie
    smashing: the man who is too buff to be a main role
    narrator: the guy who is always the lead role
    Josh: the man who always produces movies

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