The Beach Boys - I Get Around (Live/2013) -

The Beach Boys – I Get Around (Live/2013)

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Music video by The Beach Boys performing I Get Around. (C) 2013 Capitol Records

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  1. I can imagine all the grandma's in the crowd feeling like teenagers again.

  2. WOW!—-!!!!!!!!!!!! The music still moves me, even though I'm old like they are. They can't eer …ever even hope tom to match our music today. No way. No how. (Rap is not music. Its bad poetry with every other word beeped out. Bleh!). Still rocking Nebraska

  3. These men looks like the chillest dads and uncles, which I like, and their vocal and harmony is so amazing, which I love

  4. I would love to meet the beach boys. I loved their music since I was little. The last concert I was at was at Divito park. It was awesome.

  5. R.I.P. to the great Carl Wilson ! Gone, but
    never forgotten ❤️

  6. Again I love this classic song sung by The Beach Boys

  7. LEGENDS NEVER DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I hope Mike Love had an apology for Brian Wilson considering he called Brian's masterpiece Pet Sounds music for dogs ears. Mike has been milking dog's ears music for 60 years earning really cool bread.

  9. You are the real thing, God bless you… That song brings back a lot of my childhood memories. Thanks!

  10. Love from France. My childhood was rocked by the Beach boys. Taught me english too.

  11. 8 years after this video came out and it’s still one of the best songs out there

  12. I only know about this, because of Regular Show.

  13. Still getting old gals throwing bras at them and shit at their ages lol

  14. Merci Beach Boys Vous Etes les Musiques de Ma Jeunesse et Vous Tenez le Coup MERCI à Vous de Betty de Bretagne FRANCE !!

  15. uh… very late to the party… im an 80/90s kid. but this is… with fan love of course… SEXY O.O


  17. Wow, they actually pulled it off at that age! I'm impressed by the vibes this has

  18. They can still sing just as well as before

  19. 全く衰えていない。オートチューンがあったとしても。

  20. video impossibile da vedere, peccato perché la canzone è storica!

  21. the very first time I heard this song was in look who's talking

  22. Only three artist I consider to have captured perfectly the feel of summer and California and they are The Beach Boys, Sublime and Lana Del Rey ⛱️⛵

  23. Vous Avez eu le Courage de Continuer votre Musique Avec vos Cheveux BLANCS Merci à vous je vous Ecoute Depuis Votre Début Betty de Bretagne FRANCE //🤩🤣😂❤❤

  24. Wow bald Mike sounds good with the cap covering his chrome dome bald head

  25. You can see the age diversity in the crowd you can see 70 or 60 year olds and 20 to 30,40 year olds

  26. Un groupe que j adore manifique j aime cette chanson musique joyeux plein d énergie merci 👏👏

  27. Go again in 2023 to Netherlands or was this the last

  28. I’ve never seen so many boomers rocking 😅

  29. Hm, this sounded like Crap!

    Lady Gaga 13yrs ago 1.6 Billion Views Bad Romance, still sounds better.


  30. It's been nearly 60 years at this point, and Mike has yet to find that new place where the kids are hip.

  31. game me chills when they started singing

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