She Regrets VR Horror with the Boys. -

She Regrets VR Horror with the Boys.

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VR Horror with the boys again! Except this time we bring Gabriela… Check out their channels!








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  1. What's a bubble what the heck is that celebrity stable is the Google yes I need a reader that is 🤣😂


  3. I just punched my phone the trap door scared the shit out me

  4. “Roses are red” “violets are blue” “wth is that weird sound” “if u do that one more time the world would jopapi moñyeñyo

  5. “Mallalocanakakkkkcckckcckc-“ will forever be my favorite name.

  6. They call him smashing because he smashing your mom

  7. has narrator ever said "on this beautiful spring day…Mully realized he was gay.."

  8. The first half of the video when he was giving u a speech and he chocked had me dyingb

  9. Watching people play horror games and not actually playing is funny *for some reason

  10. Whenever I want to watch this video again I search up " eddievr no no snow "

  11. Right when I got on youTube I this saw this

  12. Can we all just appreciate that little head tail veterinary did he was so angry 😂

  13. I really want Eddie to make a video where his only joke, ONLY joke is "RawR" and he say it 90% of the time in the video 😂

  14. seems like SCP – 096 to me. other then the fact that i didn’t see any scp logos i’m gonna say that’s what it is.

  15. Bro I’d really love to have a horror gaming squad

  16. when they open that went or sum, and the thing jumpscares. my soul wen't out of my body-

  17. Nothing's off limits when you got no no snow dog

  18. Mully and narrator and gabby not understanding what eddie is saying

    Eddie: not this sh!t again

  19. Eddie I’m going to tell you my age okay so yeah my age is six I’m six years old and I’m seven so yeah bye

  20. I never met nobody like you and I have a body is to tell me the way you do

  21. But wedding day wedding day we were getting ready and there were there was on the cloud in the sky Bruno works in the weather funder story or am I I’m sorry Ruby now gone

  22. 7 foot frame is right for long is that when he calls your name and I’ll say the block when he sees your dreams with the long as we don’t talk about Bruno no no no we don’t talk about Bruno no

  23. I told my mother she died the next day dad or no

  24. Can you tell me a girl a godsend and just like you said

  25. He said all my hair what disappear then look at my hair prophecy is read he told me that the life of my dreams won’t be promised and someday be my driver on the fine with you guys on the drive to another is I can hear him I said hey sis I want to

  26. Fun fact: every 60 minutes a hour passes!!

  27. narrator: "this far and we cant go back so theirs one thing"
    eddie: SmOkE cRaCk?

  28. gaby the drug lord and invented new drug no no snow lol

  29. I love how every time just anyone looks at horror they get scared even tho it's not there. Well yea that's the whole point but like just the way the mind forgets about the fact that it's not real but we still react to it.

  30. You should play Haunted Asylum in VRChat if you haven't already.
    👇like if they should

  31. eddie once said " mexicans dont run towards danger" this video proves otherwise. lol

  32. To uncover the mysteries of malahokenmaksskskskksssc😂😂😂😂😂

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